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Primary care doctor's office

Our beautiful and calming Fremont office is designed to make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to get exceptional care when you need it. We’ve redesigned every aspect of our primary care practice around your needs and your life — from same-day appointments that actually start on time to 24/7 video visits with our app to compassionate providers who listen. And we’re not just here for when you’re sick or injured. We can also help you meet physical and mental health goals, manage chronic illnesses, and live a happier, healthier life. Think of us as your healthcare home base.

Office Hours

Office Hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu: 8AM–4:30PM
Wed, Fri: 8AM–4PM
Sat–Sun: Closed
Lab Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8AM–12PM, 1PM–4PM
Tue: 8AM–12PM, 1PM–2PM
Sat–Sun: Closed
ATTENTION: The lab will be collection only after 1pm today Friday 01/13/2023


10:00AM 60 min
11:00AM 25 min
11:45AM 60 min
10:00AM 60 min
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701 N 34th St

Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98103



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Location details

Our Fremont office is on the SE corner of North 34th St and Fremont Ave North, across the street from Chase bank. We're located in the plaza but our entrance is street facing on N. 34th. If coming from N. Northlake Way (rideshare drop off zone, u-lot under the Fremont bridge or U lot next to Troll Ave), use the staircase across the street from Adobe, in which you will walk up the stairs and through the plaza towards the 701 sign until you reach the sidewalk of N. 34th, and find our entrance on the left.


There's a U-lot underneath the Fremont bridge and near Troll Ave. on N. Northlake Way. Parking can be found along N. 34th, with ample space located NW in front of and past PCC. Bikes can be parked at the red bike rack along Fremont Ave N outside of our office.


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