Personal Membership

Healthcare, without the headaches

A modern approach to primary care

We offer exceptional, comprehensive care that’s focused on wellness and prevention.

While we work with your insurance just like a typical doctor’s office would, our practice is anything but typical. We’ve designed every aspect of our patient experience to give you personalized care that fits into your everyday life.

  • Fits your life

    It’s easy to get care with same- or next-day appointments, convenient locations, and 24/7 access to our virtual medical team.

  • All in one place

    Make appointments, message providers, or refill prescriptions right from our app.

  • Quality time with providers

    Longer appointments mean we have time to listen and deliver comprehensive, high-quality care.

Get complete access with membership

Our mobile app allows you to manage your health quickly and easily. You can make or change appointments, renew prescriptions with a tap, and message with your provider (and really get an answer). You can even talk to a provider any time of day or night through video chat.

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Ease at every step

We get it. You’re busy and it’s hard to make time for your health. That’s why membership makes it as simple as possible to get — and stay — healthy. With on-site labs, you don’t have to schedule an extra appointment or even leave the building for testing. Your digital health records are always on hand no matter which provider you see or office you visit, and our expert staff can answer questions about billing, insurance, or finding the provider that’s right for you.

“Just registered for a membership, chose a doctor & made a same-day appointment at One Medical faster than I buy my morning coffee.”
— Member at San Francisco location