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Going to the doctor these days can be confusing, inconvenient, and stressful.

We knew it could be better, so we created a new kind of primary care. It’s a place you can go not only when you’re sick, but also when you want to improve your long-term health and wellness. Where the experience is built around people — not paperwork.

One Medical is a membership-based practice focused on making quality care more accessible and enjoyable for all. No more waiting forever in stuffy waiting rooms, being rushed through appointments, or getting lost in the healthcare maze. Our offices have beautiful, calming waiting rooms — not that you’ll spend much time in them. Our appointments start on time, and are longer than average so providers have time to really listen. We’re driven by a shared mission to transform healthcare by designing it around people’s real lives.

Why primary care?

Primary care is your healthcare home base. Our practice focuses on prevention and overall wellness, and we cover a wide range of health issues, from everyday care to mental health to chronic illnesses. We invest in your health goals, help you navigate the healthcare system, and work together to find the best care plan for you.

Where we are today

The largest independent primary care practice in America, we’ve opened over 72 offices in major cities across the country, conveniently located where you live, work, and travel. We’ve also developed a technology platform that seamlessly connects you with our providers, and enables us to offer care unlike anyone else.

The One Medical Story


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What it feels like to be a member

As a patient of One Medical, you receive care that’s respectful, supportive, and engaging. Because our offices are beautiful and calm, you’ll actually enjoy coming in for appointments. Or if you’d rather stay home, we make it easy to talk to a provider any time of day or night.

Mission-driven leadership

Started by some of the best-trained physicians in the country, One Medical attracts the highest-caliber team of leadership and healthcare providers. This allows us to practice medicine the way it should be practiced, focus on improving patient experience, and challenge the healthcare status quo.