Annual Membership Fee Alternatives

Request a Financial Needs-Based Waiver

One Medical is dedicated to serving our community, regardless of financial means. If you don’t have the financial means to pay the Annual Membership Fee and would like to become a member of One Medical, you may request a financial needs-based waiver. You will need to indicate your annual income, and we will ask that you reaffirm your eligibility for this waiver on an annual basis. If you no longer qualify for this waiver at the time of your annual membership renewal, we will ask that you pay the Annual Membership Fee in order to continue your access to the time-saving digital tools, convenient benefits, and value-added member services that the Annual Membership Fee enables us to offer.

Request Limited Access to One Medical

You may access medical services from One Medical providers without the benefits of the 1Life enhanced digital tools and value-added member services. This access does not include use of the 1Life Healthcare proprietary technology platform, including online and mobile appointment booking, on demand video visit technology and conveniences of the Mobile App. You would need to call to schedule appointments.

To receive all the benefits of One Medical membership, including online and mobile appointment booking, online and mobile prescription renewal requests, on-demand video visit technology, and digital access to virtual medical services through the One Medical Mobile App, continue with registration as a One Medical member.

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