Healthy Together Office

Getting back to business, safely

Finding a safe time and way to bring employees back to the workplace is complex and critical. We’re working with employers to help them get their employees working together again, while helping protect both their physical and mental health.

Based on the latest CDC guidelines and scientific evidence, our plans are developed and updated as needed by our in-house public health experts — so people can feel confident working together again when the time comes.

A comprehensive, customizable program

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. We offer recommendations that take into account a number of factors, including industry, current infection rates in the area, and office design, so employers can customize a program based on their unique needs.

  • A phased, cohort-based approach

    Bringing people back safely means phasing in different groups of employees over time to allow for proper physical distancing and lower the risk of infections. We’ll offer guidance on creating cohorts and timing.

  • Comprehensive testing solutions

    A robust testing strategy plays an important role in mitigating risk and ensuring a safe workplace by identifying infectious employees who should stay home early. We can provide testing services — including PCR and antibody testing — at employers’ offices as well as ours.

  • Daily COVID-19 screening

    Using digital tools in our app, we’ll assess everyone’s symptoms and risk factors each day before work so they’ll know whether to come in or stay home.

  • Workplace safety recommendations

    How people interact with each other and the workspace will need to change. We’ll provide recommendations on how to support physical distancing, establish healthy behaviors (such as meeting protocols), and properly clean and disinfect spaces.

  • 24/7 access to care

    We’re here to help employees with COVID-19 concerns — and any other physical or mental health concerns — whenever and wherever they need it. They can book in-person and remote appointments as well as get 24/7 virtual care with Video Chat.

  • Employee communication resources

    We’ll provide communication templates to guide employees through the return process as well as signage and other resources to help people stay safe in the workplace.


Mental health support, made easier

Returning to work will be emotionally difficult for many people — so we’re also offering several mental health programs to help employees cope with going back to the workplace. This includes:

What employees can expect

Working safely together again is a collaborative effort. Employees will need to take certain actions to protect their health and the health of those around them. Here’s a general overview of what they’ll need to do when they return:

  • Join One Medical if they’re not already a member.

  • Use our COVID-19 daily check-in every day before work to determine their risk level.

  • Get tested if recommended or required and report their results to HR.

  • Follow new workplace protocols.

Get the expert guidance you need to bring your employees back to the workplace safely.