Chronic condition management that works


Chronic conditions are widespread in the U.S. — with 51% of adults having at least one.1 Diabetes alone costs $327 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity from undiagnosed cases.2 This can have a huge impact on both the health and happiness of employees affected as well as productivity and healthcare costs for employers. That’s why we created Impact by One Medical, a multidisciplinary chronic care management program, designed within primary care to address a patient's entire health journey.

Impact combines longitudinal high-touch care, education, and health navigation with an integrated technology platform to help employees manage their chronic conditions and avoid the onset of new ones. From diabetes to hypertension, One Medical’s team-based approach tackles chronic care management — all in one place.

What to expect from Impact

  • Healthcare home base

    Our expert clinicians, care navigators, and coaches use a team-based approach to tackle chronic conditions. They collaborate with patients to build personalized care plans and, if necessary, connect them to specialists at our health system partners and coordinate care.

  • Seamless care across platforms

    No matter where patients are in their health journey, we ensure they have the right team, information, and resources they need. Our tech platform connects remote devices, enables easy appointment booking, delivers clinical education, and makes it easy to provide continuous care.

  • Proven health outcomes

    Integrated into primary care, Impact provides patients with longitudinal care focused on proactive prevention — and addresses social determinants of health — to drive better long-term health outcomes and lower overall total cost of care.

Illustration of a doctor and patient in a practical exam

Some conditions we can help with

  • Diabetes (including pre-diabetes)
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Lipid management
  • Heart disease
  • And more

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