Getting COVID-19 vaccines to eligible people

One Medical is partnering with local departments of health to provide COVID-19 vaccines to eligible people in the communities we serve. You don’t need to be an existing member of One Medical, and no payment is necessary in order to get vaccinated.

We’re committed to the swift and equitable distribution of vaccines — and we continue to evolve our approach to maintain strict adherence to eligibility requirements in each county. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for eligible people to get vaccinated while using our technology and care teams to ensure that vaccines only go to those who need them most while supply remains limited.

We’re providing people eligible for vaccination free access to our app and web services so they can easily book vaccine appointments and communicate with our care team. This also allows us to complete required state documentation of vaccination.

Read a message from our CEO about our vaccination efforts

  1. Before booking

    We have reminders in all of our vaccine communications that we’re only vaccinating people who are currently eligible. This includes a message at the top of the home screen in our app that guides them to check their eligibility on our website.

  2. During and after booking

    After someone selects a vaccine appointment, they’re asked to fill out a survey in our app or website to confirm their eligibility based on age, occupation, or medical condition. This includes asking for their occupation and employer when applicable. Everyone must complete this survey before getting vaccinated. For those who don’t use technology, we’ll verify their eligibility at the appointment.

    Individuals who select phases that are not currently eligible are instructed to cancel their appointments to avoid being canceled upon checking in.

    We remind people that they must bring documentation to verify their eligibility in both the survey and appointment confirmation emails.

  3. The day before the appointment

    Our team reviews the survey responses to determine eligibility based on local guidelines. We cancel appointments when we identify someone who doesn’t meet eligibility criteria. We also remind those who haven’t completed the survey that they must confirm their eligibility.

  4. At the appointment

    Everyone must show documentation to prove their eligibility when they arrive for their appointment. See below for details.

What documents we accept for proof of eligibility

We’ll accept any of the documents below.

If your local department of public health (DPH) pre-screened you for eligibility, please bring a print out or screenshot of your DPH-approved eligibility.

For eligibility based on occupation:

  • W2
  • Pay stub
  • Employee badge
  • Letter from employer

For eligibility based on age:

  • Government-issued IDs that show date of birth (such as driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport)

For eligibility based on medical condition:

  • Note from doctor
  • Copy of health records
  • If you’ve been seen at One Medical for your condition, we have this information already

Please note: We’ll cancel or reschedule appointments for anyone who can’t provide documentation.