COVID-19 testing

We offer quick COVID-19 testing — without the uncomfortable “brain pokes” — by appointment at our locations nationwide.

COVID-19 vaccines

We’re currently vaccinating people who are eligible according to local guidelines by appointment in select cities.

Mental health

The pandemic has taken a big toll on people’s mental health, but we’re here to help you feel your best emotionally as well as physically.

Life in COVID-19 times

From staying safe out in the world to working from home, we’ve got the information you need to navigate pandemic life.

Kids and COVID-19

Whether you need testing without the “brain poke” for your kids or advice on how to keep them healthier and happier right now, your family can turn to us.

What to do if you have COVID-19

Tested positive for COVID-19? From appointments to advice, we’re always just a few taps away.