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Get Well

4 ways to use virtual care at One Medical

Susan Owen, MHS, PA-C

There are a lot of things that make One Medical unique, but one of the biggest ones is our virtual medical team. This team of providers — available to...

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One Medical News

How to use the One Medical app

One Medical

The human body doesn’t follow normal business hours. You may wake up with back pain at 2 a.m., sprain your ankle on a Sunday, or catch a stomach bug on...

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Healthy Workplace

How to get more employees to take advantage of telemedicine

Sandeep Acharya

Most employers today are adding telemedicine to their health benefits package in an effort to reduce costs and improve access to care. The thinking is,...

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Health News

Virtual Care at One Medical

One Medical

To provide you with high-quality care 24/7, One Medical offers a number of telemedicine services, including a Virtual Medical Team that takes your calls any...

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