Healthy Lifestyle

10 Tips to Quit Smoking for Good

Desmond Watt, PA-C

Updated November 13, 2018. There are countless reasons to quit smoking: doing so will lower your risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke,...

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Health Guides

Electronic cigarettes: A step to quitting smoking or another unhealthy alternative?

Alexandra Hobson, FNP

Whether at a party or walking down the street, vaping has been on the rise as an alternative to smoking. Some people choose to vape thinking it’s a...

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Live Well

3 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy at Any Age

Michelle Konstantinovsky

Alina Lozben is determined to find the fountain of youth. “I’ve tried more things than I’d like to admit,” she says. The 45-year-old...

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Aging Well

10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age

Maria Hunt

It’s true the brain changes as we get older – what doesn’t? And a normal part of that is getting a bit more forgetful. In fact by age 19,...

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Get Well

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Malcolm Thaler, MD

Electronic cigarettes — also known as e-cigarettes — are devices that deliver nicotine in vapor form to users via a simple battery-powered...

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