Health 101

Could it be appendicitis?

Malcolm Thaler, MD

You son or daughter comes to you complaining of belly pain and you wonder — is my child just trying to get out of another day at school (again!) or is...

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Live Well

5 common ailments that all have one cause

Stephanie Samuels, PA-C

Just the other day, a healthy 33-year-old woman asked me to look at her jaw. For some reason, when she woke up that morning, the left side of her jaw was...

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Live Well

Why laughter really is the best medicine

Michelle Konstantinovsky

Cat videos. A tickle attack. Tina Fey doing basically anything. Chances are at least one of these things has reduced you to a fit of giggles or you can think...

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Get Well

5 Common Ailments Related to Stress

Daniel Dinenberg, MD, ABIHM

When people say, “I’m stressed out,” they’re usually describing a mental feeling of pressure or agitation. But while stress may begin...

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