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Electronic cigarettes: A step to quitting smoking or another unhealthy alternative?

Alexandra Hobson, FNP

Whether at a party or walking down the street, vaping has been on the rise as an alternative to smoking. Some people choose to vape thinking it’s a...

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Live Well

How to protect yourself from wildfire smoke

One Medical

Wildfires can devastate communities. But what many don’t realize is that they can impact far more than those directly in the path of the flames....

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Staying Healthy in a Polluted City

Jason Chirichigno, MD

Air pollution is a major problem in America, and not just because of the unprecedented damage it’s causing to the environment. According to the...

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The Link Between Smog and Anxiety

Michelle Konstantinovsky

Anyone who’s ever spent time in a notoriously smoggy city knows the effects can be unpleasant. The mixture of emissions from cars, industrial...

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