Live Well

Dealing with caffeine withdrawal

Michelle Konstantinovsky

Although there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a morning cup of joe or a midday coffee break can positively influence your health (and boost...

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Eat Well

Quitting Coffee? 11 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Nikki Jong

An estimated 83 percent of American adults drink coffee—most on a daily basis. In fact, we love coffee so much that we spend $40 billion on it every...

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Eat Well

8 Super-Healthy Summer Foods to Enjoy Right Now

Brierley Wright, MS, RD

It’s summer — that amazing time of year when fresh, delicious produce abounds. Many of summer’s fruits and vegetables are brimming with...

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Eat Well

How to Retrain Your Palate to Be Healthier

Lee Orsky, PA-C

You know you should eat more leafy greens and less refined sugar. And swap your daily triple mocha for plain water. But if you’re like many Americans...

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Digestive Health

Quirky Questions: Why does coffee make me poop?

One Medical

If you notice that your daily coffee ritual is often accompanied by a timely bowel movement, you’re not alone. For some people this can be an...

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