5 ways to relieve stress during the holidays

Riley Steinmetz

The holiday season can truly be the most wonderful time of the year. Who doesn’t love indulging on the season’s best foods and checking out...

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Health 101

Fear can be good — in small doses

Christine Celio, PhD

Are you heading to a haunted house to get the wits scared out of you this Halloween? Or does the mere thought cause you to feel anxious instead of...

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Mental Health

Most Americans have experienced mental health concerns — but are not proactively doing anything about it

One Medical

October 10 is World Mental Health Day – an opportunity to bring awareness to how common mental illness is and apply the proactive, preventive mindset...

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What happens when you don’t sleep?

Darla Klokeid, MD

When was the last time you got a full eight hours of sleep? If you’re like most Americans, you probably had to think about it. In a 2013 Gallup poll,...

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Healthy Workplace

The danger of ignoring employee depression, anxiety

Sandeep Acharya

One topic that is finally earning some well-deserved attention these days is how companies can improve the care their employees receive for mental health...

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Half of American Women Report Elevated Stress Levels Post-Election

Leyl Master Black

It’s clear that this year’s election has been unusually stressful for many people. In fact, the American Psychological Association published a...

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Live Well

8 Meditation Apps to Help You Relax

Ellen Vora, MD

Plugging in for the purpose of “unplugging” may seem like an oxymoron. After all, meditation is free, accessible, and portable, whether or not...

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Mental Health

How to Manage Post-Election Emotions

Kristen Scarlett, MA, LMHC, NCC

For many people, election-related anxiety has been building for several months. Now that the election is over, many Americans are feeling a mix of anger,...

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