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100 Vegan Dishes to Try in San Francisco

Jan 2, 2014
By Leyl Black
Golden Gate Bridge

Looking to veg out a little more this year? You’re not alone: While just a small percentage of Americans are strict vegans or vegetarians, 10 percent of Americans say they now follow a largely vegetarian-inclined diet–and 43 percent of non-vegan or vegetarian people say they eat one or more vegetarian meals per week.

With so many people on the hunt for green, restaurants in San Francisco have stepped up to meet the demand. In fact, San Francisco is ranked the third-most vegetarian-friendly city in the country.

“San Francisco makes it easy to find a tasty vegan or vegetarian meal,” says Mark Berman, MD, of One Medical. Continues Berman–who has been vegan for 23 years–“Not only does San Francisco feature many exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurants, but the vast majority of restaurants are happy to offer or modify their fare to create a satisfying plant-based meal.”

Here are 100 delicious vegan dishes to try in one of the country’s greenest cities. We’ve even mapped all of the restaurants on this list for your convenience, and if you like our guide, feel free to share it on your web site or blog. Enjoy!



Ike’s Place – 3489 16th Street

Vegan Reuben: If you thought this traditionally cheesy, meaty sandwich couldn’t be done vegan-style, think again. This version comes with French dressing, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, and vegan versions of cheese and turkey.

Other Dishes to Try: Vegan Meatless Mike, Vegan Strawberry Girl, Vegan Tom Brady

China Basin

AT&T Park – 24 Willie Mays Plaza

Veggie Hot Dog: Did you know that San Francisco’s beloved ballpark is one of PETA’s “Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks” of 2013? The stadium serves vegan frankfurters from Field Roast made from grains, garlic, onion, and organic oils and spices. This dog is nothing like the bland, store-bought variety and its flavor and texture are “super legit” according to the SF Gate food blog.


Golden Era Vegan – 572 O’Farrell Street

Sauteed Jalapeño Tofu: Golden Era calls this their “best tofu dish,” and Yelpers agree. Of the tofu sauteed with onion, bell peppers, and jalapeño, served with steamed broccoli, cucumber, and tomato, one diner says the dish is “similar to what I ate growing up,” and another calls the tofu “nice and chewy.”

Other Dishes to Try: Spring Rolls, Spicy Eggplant Mushroom

Lucky Creation – 854 Washington Street

Deep Fried Taro Root Fish: This faux favorite is “shaped like a fish, fried and breaded with sweet and sour sauce over a bed of lettuce.” As one Yelp reviewer notes, “No one prepares taro like these ladies.”

Other Dishes to Try: Lemon Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork

Civic Center

Ananda Fuara – 1298 Market Street

Neatloaf Sandwich: The restaurant’s best-selling sandwich features two thick slices of its famous neatloaf, made from grains, eggs, ricotta cheese, tofu and spices blended together and baked and topped with a tangy tomato-based sauce, on whole wheat or ciabatta bread. If you want it vegan, it’s available by request.

Other Dishes to Try: Curry Wrap, Roasted Vegetable Ravioli

Thai Idea Vegetarian – 710 Polk Street

Veggie Crab Cakes: One Yelper described these appetizers as “delicate and flavorful,” and others call them “excellent” and “exceptional.” Three cakes come with wasabi cream and homemade soy syrup and are perfect pre-dinner starters.

Other Dishes to Try:  Bangkok Veggie Duck, Wing Bomb, Veggie Hot Dog

Duboce Triangle

La Mediterranee – 288 Noe Street

Vegan Middle Eastern Plate: Falafel, dolma, lentil salad, and hummus make for a sumptuous, satisfying meal. One diner said the falafel was “small and light and perfectly cooked,” and another said the dolma “was full of yummy goodness.”

Other Dishes to Try: Salad Mediterranee, Armenian Tomato Salad, Vegan Chocolate Cake


Donna’s Tamales – Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market

Vegan Burrito: Whether you order it hot or cold, this Farmers’ Market treat hits the spot. A whole-wheat tortilla wraps up organic brown rice, organic red beans, curtido (cabbage slaw), and Donna’s special ranchero sauce.

Financial District/Downtown

Fleur de Sel – 308 Kearny Street

Roasted Tomato Soup: Accompanied by house-made rosemary croutons, this scrumptious starter was described as “delicious crack” by one happily addicted customer.

Other Dishes to Try: Sweet Potato with Leek Soup

Mixt Greens475 Sansome Street

Be Wello Salad: Don’t expect a plate of plain iceberg lettuce when you order a Mixt Greens salad. This version comes with a mix of greens, avocado, chickpeas, quinoa, lentils, edamame, cucumber, red onion, fresh herbs, and jalapeño vinaigrette. As one customer summed it up, “What’s not to love?”

Other Dishes to Try: Slam Salad

Plant Café – 101 California Street

PLANT Burger: This decadent burger is made in-house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews, and bulgur wheat, and comes complete with tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, and vegan aioli atop a sourdough bun. The mouthwatering combo inspired one Yelper to deem the burger “heavenly.” A side salad and house-made pickles round out the celestial experience.

Other Dishes to Try: Masala Vegetable Stew, Avocado and Grapefruit Salad, MnM Bowl, Dino Kale Salad, Quinoa Bowl, Thai Green Curry, Chinese Five Spice Tempeh, Sambazon Bowl, Basil Tofu Scramble


Love N Haight Deli – 553 Haight Street

Vegan Chicken Steak Sandwich: Non-meat eaters who crave a sandwich with substance will love this savory and sweet meal that incorporates warm, vegan chicken steak patties with tomato, sprouts, avocado, pickles, lettuce, and a smattering of hummus. One fan called the sandwich “light, delicious, and satisfying,” and another raved that it was “one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.”

Other Dishes to Try: Vegetarian Meat Chunk Sandwich

Hayes Valley

Lers Ros Thai – 307 Hayes Street

Kang Karee Pak: One Lers Ros fan chose to describe this yellow curry with potatoes, vegetables, and tofu with one simple reaction: “Mmmm.” Others raved about the dish’s flavorful combination of seasonings and spices.

Other Dishes to Try: Pad Makuer Tofu

Japantown/Lower Pac Heights

Dosa – 1700 Fillmore Street

Masala Dosa: If you’ve never tried the savory deliciousness of a dosa, this vegan version will shake up your taste buds. A rice and lentil crepe is filled with mashed spiced potatoes, onions, and cashew nuts, and the beautiful dish is served with dipping sauce and chutney.

Other Dishes to Try: Onion Rava Dosa, Red Beet and Cumin Soup         

Marina/Cow Hollow

Greens Restaurant – Fort Mason Center, Building A

Summer Curry: This eggplant dish is delicious during any season and comes with green beans, little farm potatoes, and English peas with coconut milk. Lemongrass, ginger, chilies, and cilantro punch up the flavor, while jasmine rice and plum-mango chutney are a sweet and satisfying side. 

Other Dishes to Try: Fresh Spring Rolls, Fire Roasted Poblano Chili, Grilled Fennel and Onion Pizza, Eggplant and Summer Squash Gratin, and Pumpkin Crème Caramel


Big Lantern – 3170 16th Street

Vegetarian Dim Sum Combination: Three veggie dumplings, three meatless chicken siu mais, and three BBQ meatless pork buns make up this plentiful dim sum platter. Customers not only love the variety of meat-free options, but rave about the availability: The dim sum is served all day long.

Other Dishes to Try: Black Mushroom with Bok Choy, Basil Meatless Chicken, Kung Pao Tofu

Cha-Ya – 762 Valencia Street 

Cha-Ya Roll: One Yelp fan referred to this asparagus, avocado, yam, and carrot-filled roll as “deep fried goodness.” Another called it “amazing,” saying it was “one of the best vegetarian rolls” she’d ever had.

Other Dishes to Try: Sansai, Tonchi Nasu, Chaya-Delight

Gracias Madre – 2211 Mission Street

Guacamole con Tortillas: Diners often fill up on this delicious appetizer before the main meal is even served. Cilantro, onion, chile, and lime are expertly mashed with fresh avocado and served with warm corn tortillas that many fans simply called “delicious.”

Other Dishes to Try: Coliflor Con Queso Fundido, Papas Al Horno                                                                                                                     

Ken Ken Ramen – 3378 18th St

Miso Vegan Ramen: Vegan ramen lovers, rejoice! Many ramen dishes are made from eggs, which is why this soup is so special. The broth, noodles, and veggies are all vegan-friendly.

Minako – 2154 Mission Street

Almond Encrusted Tofu: Diners can’t get enough of this unique and tasty vegan treat, which makes a great addition to the restaurant’s other plentiful vegan options.

Other Dishes to Try: Vegan Chicken Karaage, Vegan Scallop, Vegan Eel Teriyaki                                                 

Mission Pie – 2901 Mission Street

Vegan Spiced Apple Pie: Several customers couldn’t help but notice that every bite of a Mission Pie delicacy is more delectable than the last, and the vegan options are no exception. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, this apple treat will do the job.

Other Dishes to Try: Vegan Tomato and Collard Pot Pie, Vegan Ginger Black Bean and Carrot Stew with Kale and Farro


Herbivore – 531 Divisadero Street

BLT Sandwich: You’ve never had a BLT quite like this. Traditional bacon is swapped for a flavorful tempeh version and served with vegannaise on sliced sourdough or whole wheat. Don’t worry; you’ll still find the classic tomato and lettuce combo on this vegan version, and the burger comes with a hearty helping of house potatoes. 

Other Dishes to Try: Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Quinoa Tabbouleh, Vegan German Cake


Enjoy Vegetarian – 5344 Geary Boulevard

Sea Bass Eggplant: Locals agree that this faux fish dish ranks supreme. The eggplant “melts in your mouth” and the fish “tastes like sea bass” and is “so damn good!”

Other Dishes to Try: Lotus Root, Veggie Deluxe, Pai Pai Tofu Balls with Broccoli

Burma SuperStar – 309 Clement Street

Tea Leaf Salad: This one-of-a-kind salad incorporates ingredients like sunflower seeds, fried garlic, peanuts, and tea imported from (you guessed it) Burma. It’s so distinctive, it was even featured on the Food Network!

Other Dishes to Try: Pea Shoots


Samovar Tea House – 730 Howard Street

Jook: This savory Chinese rice porridge is served with a variety of tasty toppings like scallions, toasted garlic, peanuts, nori, cilantro, sriracha, and tamari soy sauce.

Other Dishes to Try: Tea Soup, Coconut Rice Pudding, Matcha Shake                                      

Source – 11 Division Street                                  

Baked Vegan Spinach Artichoke Fondue: With roasted peppers, spinach cashew cream, truffle oil, and pita bread (or living chips), this is a local favorite. As one Yelp reviewer notes, it’s “warm, gooey and delicious…crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the inside.”

Other Dishes to Try: Truffle Macaroni and Cheese (vegan version available), Source Salad, Moo Lettuce Tacos, Chipwich


Daily Health – 1235 9th Avenue

Garden Vegan Burger: This organic tofu burger is made from soybeans and veggies, and served on a toasted, organic whole-wheat bun with organic mixed greens, veggies, mustard, and mayonnaise. 

Other Dishes to Try: Green Noodle Soup, Vegan Wrap, Vegan Mediterranean Plate 

Holy Gelato! – 1392 9th Avenue 

The Bomb: It’s hard to pick a favorite vegan treat at Holy Gelato!–just ask manager John Lee. But according to Lee, this soymilk-based chocolate/peanut butter combo that features swirls of vegan marshmallow sauce and vegan brownies is “super good–it’s one of our standouts.”

Other Dishes to Try: Spicy Chocolate, Irish Morning, Mango Sorbet

Patxi’s – 822 Irving Street 

Vegan Pizza: Vegan pizzas can be tricky, but Patxi’s nails it with this spinach, crushed garlic, and red onion creation. The Daiya vegan cheese atop a whole wheat crust is so tasty that the dish is a favorite of non-vegans, too. “The regular pizza is fantastic,” one fan said of a meat-topped option. But “the vegan pizza was even better.” Another said “the pizza was so amazingly, incredibly, stunning, unbelievable, wonderful, and delicious that I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”


Millennium – 580 Geary Street

King Trumpet Mushroom and Hearts of Palm Ceviche: This clever spin on the Peruvian dish pairs mushrooms and hearts of palms with chili kumara coconut leche de tigre, avocado, heirloom tomato, Belgian endive, radish and crisp corn hominy. Perfect acidity and crunch!

Other Dishes to Try: Sweet Potato Tamale, Black Garlic Sweet Soy Glazed Tempeh, Crusted King Trumpet Mushrooms, Tempura Oyster Mushrooms

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