One Medical ACO

  • Name and location of the ACO:
    One Medical ACO, LLC
    One Embarcadero Center, 19th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Primary contact information for the ACO:
    • Primary Contact Name: Caroline Carlson Delgross
    • Primary Contact Email:
    • Primary Title: VP, Medicare ACO Performance, One Medical with Iora
    • Secondary Contact Name: Suzanne Hansen
    • Secondary Contact Email:
    • Secondary Title: Chief Medicare Program Officer, One Medical with Iora
  • Identification of all Participant Providers and Preferred Providers
  • Identification of all joint ventures between or among the DCE and any of its DC Participant Providers and Preferred Providers
    • No joint ventures
  • One Medical ACO’s key clinical and administrative leaders
    • Administrative Leader: Suzanne Hansen, One Medical with Iora
    • Senior Medical Director: Andrew Diamond, MD, Participant Provider
    • Compliance Official: Tim Springer, 1Life Healthcare, Inc.
  • One Medical ACO Governing Body
    • Dianne Savastano, Consumer Advocate, HealthAssist
    • Justin Faggioli, Medicare Beneficiary
    • Leah Rothman, D.O., Participant Provider
    • Brian Secemsky, M.D., Participant Provider
    • Khae Seaphanh, D.O., Participant Provider
    • Lenny Lesser, M.D., Participant Provider
    • Catherine Silva, Participant Provider
    • Ganga Nadella, Participant Provider