Wendy Buffett, MD

- 510-225-1025
Education: Boston University

Doctor of Medicine, the most common degree for physicians. At One Medical, most of our MDs specialize in either Family or Internal Medicine.

About Wendy

I enjoy getting to know people and working in partnership to find out what health means to each person. I appreciate each person's unique understanding of their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, and I seek to bring those understandings into my practice of medicine. I tend to use complementary approaches to health (dietary changes, exercise, herbs, meditation) as much as or more than traditional Western medical approaches.

How I stay healthy and happy
Meditate, cook, quilt, paint, dance, run 5ks with my daughter, yoga, ride bikes with my partner, walk my dogs, pick up trash

Boston University School of Medicine

San Francisco General Hospital

Board certification
American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Integrative Medicine

She, her, hers

Berkeley Office

1801 Shattuck Ave

Suite A

Berkeley, CA 94709




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