Stephanie Webb, RN

Education: Yale

Registered Nurse, a degree from a nursing program that includes a broad base of health education and support for patient care at many levels. At One Medical, RNs are a core part of our Virtual Medical Team, working with both patients and providers.

About Stephanie
As part of One Medical’s Virtual Medical Team, Stephanie draws on her diverse knowledge of western, eastern, and naturopathic medicine when treating patients, to explore all options and provide the highest quality care. She strives to provide top notch medical care and positive patient experiences through careful listening and talking through a plan of action that will help resolve their problems in a manner suited to their habits and routines. To maintain her own health, Stephanie meditates daily, exercises several times a week, and makes sure to get plenty of sleep, she also enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks while taking long walks. She received her RN degree from the Yale School of Nursing and graduated from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College with a masters degree in oriental medicine. Stephanie is a registered nurse and a licensed acupuncturist.


10:00AM 60 min
11:00AM 25 min
11:45AM 60 min
10:00AM 60 min
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