Shannon Brantley, RN

Education: UCLA School of Nursing

Sees all ages

Registered Nurse, a degree from a nursing program that includes a broad base of health education and support for patient care at many levels. At One Medical, RNs are a core part of our Virtual Medical Team, working with both patients and providers.

About Shannon
Shannon has a background in pediatrics, so she often approaches care from a family-centered mindset, which means trying to employ the patient and family in the care plan. She's passionate about preventive medicine and educating people on building healthy habits in the present to prevent illness in the future. She enjoys partnering with patients and helping them set goals and create plans to achieve those goals for a better, healthier life.

To keep herself healthy, Shannon enjoys walking, meditating, journaling, and trying new recipes that are healthy and delicious. In her free time, she also enjoys traveling, being outdoors with her dog, seeing Broadway shows and live entertainment, going to museums, and trying new restaurants. Shannon earned her bachelor's degree in nursing from UCLA. She's a certified pediatric nurse (CPN).


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