Renee McLaughlin, PA

Education: Emory University

Sees all ages

Physician Assistant, an advanced practice degree for primary care providers who undergo extensive practical training and board certification, and are licensed to practice medicine including the full range of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

About Renee
Renee grew up in the Midwest and attended college receiving her BS in Biology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. While an undergrad she met her husband, a Denver native. Renee received her Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Emory University School of Medicine in 2007. She went on to work as a Physician Assistant in Cardiothoracic Medicine at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, GA learning incredibly valuable skills through intensive care medicine, cardiology, surgical skills and how to manage complex patients in critical and high intensity environments. These skills served Renee well as she went on in 2013 to practice medicine internationally with an NGO/mission group located in Honduras. Renee is also fluent in Spanish and served as medical director and provider working alongside a team of Honduran physicians and nurses. It is through her five years of practicing medicine in Honduras while navigating the complex health disparities and limited access to basic medical care in an under-resourced country; that Renee became passionate about primary care and preventative medicine while taking a holistic approach to treating the whole patient as a person and not a simple disease process. Renee returned to United States and practiced primary care at a fee for service healthcare entity in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 2019-2023. Renee has a passion to create optimal healthcare services for patients; finding the best ways to deliver quality care which puts the patient, and not a corporate entity, as the focus of the healthcare system. Feeling the pull back to the mountains out west, Renee was instantly intrigued by PeakMed/One Medical and the Direct Primary Care Model and the way it is a forward thinking and a driving force towards a better way to practice medicine and care for patients. Renee is excited to continue to serve and develop relationships with her patients here at One Medical in Colorado Springs. Outside of work, Renee loves spending time with her husband, three kids, and crazy puppy outdoors exploring all that Colorado has to offer: backpacking/hiking, camping, running, skiing, and paddle-boarding.


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