Reece Therrien, NP
San Francisco

Nurse Practitioner, an advanced practice degree for primary care providers who complete master’s-level training and board certification and who practice medicine independently. Related degrees include ANP (Adult Nurse Practitioner), FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner), WHNP (Women's Health Nurse Practitioner), and APNP (Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner).

About Reece

I enjoy being present for my patients in whatever capacity that I can perceive their needs to be. If emotional, mental, or spiritual needs are mingled with their immediate concern, I hope to attend to the patient’s whole being to achieve the best wellness possible. With a background in ICU nursing and rural family & urgent care, I have a broad range of understanding different needs and all ages. I do especially enjoy caring for the elderly and those suffering with chronic illnesses. I am also attuned to those experiencing addictions, mental instability, and processing grief. Sometimes listening on different levels helps the provider partner with the patient to determine what their bodies are telling them. I do not feel that medications are always the answer and I am open to alternative therapies or various approaches to natural healing. Alternatively, if a patient’s acute complaint is straightforward, I will prescribe the needed medication and let them be on their way quickly and efficiently. I hope to respect, empower, and aid each patient by giving them the best information, treatment, and advice possible.

How I stay healthy and happy
Hiking, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, beach days for relaxing, paragliding for resetting my mind, sculling for meditation & exercise, yoga for health management, and traveling often

University of North Georgia

Board certification
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

She, her, hers

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