Praveena Selvaduray, MD, PhD
San Francisco

- 888-663-6331
Education: UCSD School of Medicine

Sees ages 18+

Doctor of Medicine, a common medical school degree for physicians. MDs at One Medical typically specialize in family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics or pediatrics.

About Praveena
Praveena likes to work with her patients to develop a healthy lifestyle, complemented with alternative and western medicine, that will allow them to have an excellent quality of life. She's most passionate about preventive medicine and mental health. And she loves to learn about her patients' lives so she can work with them to develop truly personalized treatment plans that work well with their lifestyle.

To keep herself healthy, Praveena walks, does yoga, and hikes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, travel, spending time with the people she loves, and exploring the city. Praveena earned her medical degree at UC San Diego and holds a PhD in immunology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She completed her family medicine residency at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.

2355 Market St

San Francisco , CA 94114


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