Natalie Myers, RN

Education: University of Phoenix

Sees all ages

Registered Nurse, a degree from a nursing program that includes a broad base of health education and support for patient care at many levels. At One Medical, RNs are a core part of our Virtual Medical Team, working with both patients and providers.

About Natalie
As a part of One Medical’s Virtual Medical Team, Natalie provides care for patients when they are away from our offices. She can provide guidance on new problems and help follow-up with any questions or concerns patients may have with their current treatment. Natalie is a compassionate, evidence-based provider who listens carefully to patient's concerns and empowers them to take ownership of their health. Natalie believes food can be a powerful preventive medicine and enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, hiking the San Tan or Usery Mountains, swimming, and bike riding. She is an active volunteer for Autism and developmental disability causes. Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix and her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Gateway Community College.


10:00AM 60 min
11:00AM 25 min
11:45AM 60 min
10:00AM 60 min
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