Juliette Mandel, MD

Doctor of Medicine, the most common degree for physicians. At One Medical, most of our MDs specialize in either Family or Internal Medicine.

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Education: Pennsylvania State

As an evidence based family medicine physician with specialty training in Integrative Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Addiction Medicine, Juliette thrives on advocating for the mind-body connection, while delivering full spectrum primary care. She appreciates the opportunity to see individuals and full families, covering aspects of pediatrics, women's health, and patient-centered care. As an experienced yoga instructor, her goal is to meet patients 'on their mat'-targeting physical, mental, spiritual, and holistic aspects of overall wellness. This work is informed by specialized training in PTSD, trauma, and adverse childhood events as they relate to mental illness, obesity, and addiction.

Juliette maintains her own health by teaching yoga, running, hiking, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. In her spare time, she also enjoys facilitating wellness trainings, listening to music, traveling, and Zen meditation. Juliette earned her MD at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, completed a family medicine residency at Lancaster General Penn Medicine, and is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. She's also pursued fellowships in integrative medicine, obesity medicine, and addiction medicine.


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