Gordon Sanford, PA

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Education: Wake Forest

Physician Assistant, a degree for providers who undergo extensive practical training and are licensed to practice medicine, including the full range of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, as part of a team with physicians.

About Gordon
Gordon works collaboratively with patients, taking the time to understand their health concerns and developing a plan to combat disease and incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyles. He has completed and received his certificate in homeopathic medicine from CEDH Los Angeles and is interested in an Integrative approach to care. He continues his training in homeopathic medicine here in the Bay Area. With a special interest in LGBT health issues and STD management, he aims to create a comfortable, low-key environment for patients to openly voice their needs. He also has training and experience in dermatology and HIV, and previously worked in the San Francisco-based office of the largest private HIV practice in the world. He has spent the last decade in Palm Springs in private practice concentrating on an Integrative approach to patients with multiple health care issues. Gordon received his physician assistant training at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and is a member of The California Academy of Physician Assistants as well as the Bay Area Physician Assistant Association.
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