Eddie Meraz, NP

- 212-441-4400
Education: Yale Univ. School of Nurs

Nurse Practitioner, a degree for nurses who complete master’s-level training and board certification in order to practice medicine. As nurses, NPs bring a special sort of caring to their work. Alternate degrees include ANP (Adult Nurse Practitioner), FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner), and WHNP (Women's Health Nurse Practitioner).

About Eddie
Eddie's goal is to make patients feel comfortable discussing anything, so he can understand them wholly and provide them with the best care for their unique needs, goals, and lifestyle. He educates people to help them make their own best-informed decisions and achieve personal well-being. He's a non-judgmental, body-positive provider with a passion for promoting sexual health and LGBT care, including transgender care and HIV treatment/prevention.

To keep healthy, Eddie does yoga, runs, walks, bikes, and cooks local, seasonal foods. He loves to travel and get out of his comfort zone. He also enjoys film, live music, and trying new restaurants. Eddie earned his degree from Yale School of Nursing and is an HIV Specialist certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

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