Christina Garcia, PA
San Francisco

Education: Penn College of Tech

Sees all ages

Physician Assistant, an advanced practice degree for primary care providers who undergo extensive practical training and board certification, and are licensed to practice medicine including the full range of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

About Christina

I value and enjoy getting to know my patients so that I can provide the best care for them. I am empathetic towards my patients and want them to feel cared for. I value good communication with my patients so we can work together to create the best treatment plan. Advocating for my patients is also a priority for me.

How I stay healthy and happy
I enjoy spending time with my family, running after my two toddlers, and visiting museums and the zoo. I love to travel and explore new countries with my husband and two daughters.

Pennsylvania College of Technology


Board certification
National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Other languages spoken

Goes by

She, her, hers


10:00AM 60 min
11:00AM 25 min
11:45AM 60 min
10:00AM 60 min
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