Amber Robins, MD

- 202-204-1090
Education: University of Rochester

Doctor of Medicine, the most common degree for physicians. At One Medical, most of our MDs specialize in either Family or Internal Medicine.

About Amber
Amber's approach is to be sure every patient understands and agrees to their treatment plan. She considers her patients to be the MVP and she's the coach trying to make sure they play the right plays to achieve better health. She believes her job isn't to prescribe people a lot of pills, but to better manage their entire health. She's especially interested in chronic disease management and women's health.

To stay healthy, Amber enjoys cooking and she's working on developing a better exercise routine. Outside of work, she loves to sing, listen to and play music, and volunteer at her church and college alumni association. Amber earned her medical degree and completed her residency at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She also holds an MBA. She's board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.
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Suite 200

Washington, DC 20001



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