Alex Rossman, LCSW

About Alex

I am an interactive therapist, who engages in a conversational-style approach. My philosophy is that loving oneself may be harder than we think, however, it’s worth the time and energy! We all have issues and sometimes those issues can feel as small as a molehill or as large as Mt. Everest. I believe that being proactive rather than reactive is an important aspect in empowering ourselves to look at things that feel so scary. Every patient is different and it’s important to respect that everyone may take a different road in our journey to feel better, however, the destination is the same: to feel more centered and grateful about your life.

I am a LCSW specializing in anxiety disorders, including OCD, panic and generalized anxiety, as well as depression, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD. These include issues such as relationships, LGBTQ+, codependency, work place, perfectionism, and chronic pain.

How I stay healthy and happy
I like to walk. I love spending time with my roommates, hanging with friends on Zoom and loving my cat, who has 7 toes on each front paw!

MSW at San Diego State University

She, her, hers

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