Adam Wyble, PA-C
San Francisco

Education: University of Washington

Sees all ages

Physician Assistant, an advanced practice degree for primary care providers who undergo extensive practical training and board certification, and are licensed to practice medicine including the full range of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

About Adam
Adam believes that getting to know the patient and getting a detailed history is the key to finding the diagnosis in most cases. He believes in balancing the art and science of medicine by leveraging evidence when available, but acknowledges that some treatments that aren't currently backed by studies can also be beneficial.

To stay healthy, Adam stays active in everyday life while maintaining a proper work-life balance. Outside of work, his primary focus is spending time with his family and friends. He loves traveling the world and just hanging out at home. Adam earned his physician assistant degree from the University of Washington. He also has a master's degree in forensic psychology and a bachelor's degree in paramedics.


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11:00AM 25 min
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