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One Medical Introduces Its Healthy Together Program Designed to Support Employer Workplace Reentry Initiatives

April 30, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a leading national digital health and primary care organization, One Medical (Nasdaq: ONEM) announced today the launch of its Healthy Together workplace reentry program, designed to support employers as they migrate workforces back into shared working environments. The Healthy Together program was developed by One Medical clinical and public health experts to provide guidance to employers on plans, protocols, and clinical approaches to mitigate risks from employee workplace reentry. Already acting as a trusted health advisor to its more than 7,000 employer clients, this program further extends One Medical’s impact on improving the health and wellbeing of its members.

One Medical’s comprehensive, multi-pronged approach consists of workplace best practices, screening tools, testing regimens, and emotional support programs.

  • Workplace safety design, protocols, and best practices: Using evidence-based best practices for designing and maintaining a healthy work space, One Medical will share insights on workplace reconfiguration practices, infection prevention protocols, contact tracing approaches, and workplace safety behaviors such as practicing social distancing and proper use of masks. 
  • Screening and testing for workplace reentry: By leveraging its proprietary technology platform, One Medical will digitally screen employees for key clinical risk factors upon reentry and during repeated intervals. Additionally, One Medical will schedule, organize, and conduct testing as appropriate, which can be implemented upon reentry, as well as on an ongoing basis. The risk factors will be evaluated, resulting in a badge-like identifier akin to an airline boarding pass. Additionally, One Medical can support employers with tracking and reporting, as well as with clinical guidance and support on how to best mitigate risk.
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing support: To combat rising levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, One Medical has increased access to a robust suite of behavioral health services. This Mindset by One Medical suite includes in-network virtual and in-person offerings, including group sessions, individual coaching sessions, and therapy sessions.

“As employers embark on developing workplace reentry programs, they are faced with a multitude of complex considerations and no existing playbook to follow. Our Healthy Together workplace reentry program takes a human-centered approach to meeting the needs of employees and employers for a comprehensive model grounded in medicine and testing, while leveraging our technology-powered platform for seamless implementation and ongoing monitoring,” said One Medical Chair & CEO, Amir Dan Rubin.

The program’s development is led by a team of One Medical public health experts and practicing physicians, and is based on leading epidemiology and immunology frameworks. This clinical team brings years of experience in working with employers and their teams, delivering care in virtual, near-site and worksite settings.

Any employer offering the One Medical benefit to employees can take advantage of the Healthy Together workplace reentry program. One Medical’s membership includes 24/7 access to seamless digital health paired with convenient in-person care and testing services. Additional packages for on-site workplace testing services and Mindset by One Medical behavioral health services can be adapted to each employer’s needs.

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