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“Impact by One Medical” Chronic Care Program Achieves Equitable Improvements for Diabetic Patients Across Gender and Ethnicity Groups

March 6, 2023

Through an emphasis on culturally competent care, One Medical has helped patients significantly reduce HbA1c levels by 3-5 points

San Francisco, CA – March 6, 2023 – One Medical, a leading national technology-powered primary care organization, unveiled today outsized results underscoring the efficacy of its unique approach to chronic care management in improving patient health outcomes across gender and ethnicity groups. Since launching in 2021, the company’s Impact by One Medical chronic care management initiative has consistently helped participating patients adopt healthier lifestyle habits and reduce certain risk factors associated with developing chronic conditions such as diabetes. Patients enrolled in the program have seen a substantial reduction of HbA1c by 3-5 points and average cholesterol/LDL reduction from 60 mg/dl to 20 mg/dl. This is significant as previous studies have found that a one point reduction in HbA1c is linked to a reduction in risk of death by 21%, heart attacks by 14%, and microvascular complications by 37%.

According to the CDC, racial and ethnic minority groups throughout the U.S. experience higher rates of illness and death across a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma, and heart disease. One Medical is addressing these disparities by taking a culturally competent approach to care. Providers are trained to address each patient’s individual needs, taking into account gender, ethnicity, culture, lifestyle and sexual orientation, in order to ensure all patients receive the necessary resources to truly improve their health.

“At One Medical, we are acutely aware that each patient has their own unique background and health history, which may affect both their risk of developing certain health conditions as well as their ability to implement treatment recommendations. That’s why we train our providers to be intentional about removing the bias and stigma that stand in the way of patients’ health and provide care plans and lifestyle and behavioral health recommendations that more easily fit into their lives,” said One Medical Senior Medical Director for Chronic Care Hemalee Patel, DO. “Small actions like carefully broaching sensitive topics like weight and BMI and reframing healthcare solutions within each individual’s cultural context can make a difference in empowering patients to take charge of their health.”

Patients enrolled in the Impact program have access to a dedicated multidisciplinary support team that creates a personalized care plan based on their unique needs and seamless tech integrations to help keep them on track with health goals and confidently navigate their health journey. By identifying and prioritizing patients’ values and beliefs, care teams are able to align and tailor discussions about the behavior modifications and lifestyle medicines that can be integrated and adapted to their environment to help them reach their goals. From offering meal plans and lifestyle modifications to understanding a patient’s level of health literacy, One Medical meets patients where they are to achieve the best results.

“We know that conditions such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, prediabetes or diabetes, and issues like poor sleep or stress, and depression often coexist. With our comprehensive approach to care, we screen for all of these conditions to treat each patient holistically,” said One Medical Chief Quality Officer Raj Behal, MD, MPH. “We’re incredibly proud of the results we’ve seen thus far in improving health outcomes for Impact patients, with varying backgrounds, and hope to continue to scale the program to help even more people manage and prevent their chronic illnesses.”

Impact by One Medical is available to all consumer and enterprise One Medical members that clinically qualify. There are no additional fees associated with Impact by One Medical beyond regular co-pays and claims, and the program is intentionally designed to minimize out-of-pocket costs for patients – improving accessibility.

For more information on Impact by One Medical, visit https://www.onemedical.com/services/chronic-conditions/.

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