Live Well: A happier, healthier you awaits

Health is a journey. And what you do today can lead to a better tomorrow — regardless of where you are on your path. We wanted to do more to help people find their happiest, healthiest selves, so we completely redesigned the annual physical exam (or wellness visit) with the Live Well Visit.

We focus on helping you live your best life, not checking off boxes. Think of a Live Well Visit as your roadmap to better health — for your body and your mind.


Get to know the Live Well Visit

  • Your visit, your way

    This is not a one-size-fits-all physical. Before you come in, you’ll answer a few questions in the app about the health issues that matter most to you in order to guide your visit — from mental health to diet and exercise to sexual health.

  • More conversation, less examination

    You and your provider will spend time building a trusted relationship, discussing your health goals, and making a plan to achieve them. We’ll skip unnecessary poking and prodding and focus on the screenings that can truly impact your health.

  • An ongoing journey

    Soon after your visit, you’ll get a visit summary and action items that map out your next steps. Have a question or want to touch base about your goals? Message your provider or schedule a follow-up visit through the app.


A free ticket to ride

Insurance typically covers the full cost of one preventive visit every 365 days (excluding some lab work and vaccines). Need to schedule a Pap test in addition to your yearly Live Well Visit? That visit is also typically fully covered by insurance.


A person running up the side of a mountain

Why we redesigned the physical

Evidence shows that the traditional physical is broken. It’s designed to meet billing criteria instead of helping people meet health goals. That’s why we created a new kind of physical that allows providers to treat patients as people rather than numbers.

We avoid outdated tests that don’t actually improve health, and focus more on the things that do — like your mental well-being, relationships, physical activity, and eating habits. But don’t worry, we’ll still recommend the screenings that are valuable to you based on your personal risk factors.

See what a Live Well Visit is like