The annual physical, reimagined

We redesigned the annual physical to help you feel your healthiest and happiest.

Meet the Annual Wellness Visit

  • Your visit, your way

    This isn’t a one-size-fits-all physical. Your visit is about what matters most to you — from mental health and sexual health to nutrition and exercise.

  • More conversation, less examination

    Spend time building a relationship with your provider, discussing health goals, and making a plan to achieve them. We focus on what truly impacts your health.

  • An ongoing journey

    Your visit isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. We’ll send you a summary and action plan for any next steps. Have a question? You can message us in the app.

Insurance accepted

Insurance typically covers the full cost of one preventive visit, like an annual physical, every 365 days (excluding some lab work and vaccines).


Why we redesigned the physical

The traditional physical is designed to meet billing criteria instead of helping you meet health goals. That’s why we created a new kind of physical, so you can get treated like a person, not a number. 

We avoid unnecessary tests that don’t improve health, and focus on the things that do — like your mental well-being, relationships, physical activity, and eating habits. Don’t worry, we’ll still recommend the screenings that are right for you.