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Amazon and One Medical are transforming primary care — making it easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable to see your doctor.

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One Medical Typical primary care practices
Same/next-day appointments Yes No
24/7 virtual care Yes No
On-site lab services Yes Not likelyNot likely
Appointments start on time Yes Not likelyNot likely
Longer, non-rushed appointments Yes No
Seamless care at offices nationwide Yes No

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Get 24/7 on-demand care nationwide via Video Chat or Treat Me Now at no extra cost
Send and receive secure messages with a provider
Easily access your health records and care plans
Request prescription refills and renewals
Book an in-person or remote visit in a state where we have offices

The doctor’s office, reimagined

This is no ordinary doctor’s office. We work with your insurance just like a typical practice, but we offer so much more than what insurance covers.

Our affirming providers and staff take the time to ensure you feel seen and heard, not rushed and hushed. Membership makes it fast and easy to get care for your body and mind, whenever you need it.

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