The State of Workplace Health

Gain insight into the state of employee physical and mental health, what HR leaders and employees are prioritizing in 2024, and the hidden threats to workplace productivity.

Employee health status and 2024 priorities

In our third annual report, we surveyed HR and employee benefits leaders and full-time employees to assess the current state of workplace health. We found that more than half of employees — including 40% of Gen Z and Millennial workers — struggle with chronic conditions that affect their capacity for work.

Learn more about this hidden threat to productivity and what kinds of support your employees want in 2024.

Methodology: Research findings are based on a survey conducted by Workplace Intelligence and Walr and paid for by 1Life Healthcare Inc. between December 7–December 19, 2023. The survey audience included 800 HR/Employee Benefits leaders and 800 employees who were working full-time, at least 18 years old, and living in the US.