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Five Minutes with Desmond Watt, PA-C

Oct 10, 2014 By One Medical
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Midwestern University graduate Desmond Watt, PA-C, was a high school biology teacher in a former life before he found his calling in health care. Today, he sees patients out of the One Medical Chicago office where he specializes in men’s health, cardiovascular health, hypertension, and sports medicine. Learn more about the Chicago provider.

What do you love about working at One Medical?

Working with incredible people with such a wide range of skills.

If I hadn’t gone into medicine, I would have…

…taught high school biology, which I did for a few years in a former life.

What is one healthy everyday lifestyle change you think everyone should make?

Walk more, and walk with a pace. Use a step counter, too—you’ll be surprised how much you need to walk to get to 10,000 steps a day.

If you could change one part of health care, what would it be?

Get more people access to affordable preventive care.

What’s your absolute favorite workout?

I’m getting back into rock climbing. There’s nothing like it.

When you work out, what’s on your playlist?

My go-to is a Spotify playlist called “Hipster House Party.” No judgment please…

What’s your favorite three-ingredient dinner?

Butternut squash and roasted walnut pasta with brown butter sauce.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“American Ninja Warrior.” Someday, I will scale the warped wall…

Favorite hobby?

Lately, being a dad. Hanging with my 18-month-old, Lucy, is the best way to spend my time outside of work.

What’s the most common health misconception you hear?

A simple but very common one is about getting the flu from the flu shot. The vast majority of flu vaccines administered are inactivated viruses, which cannot cause illness. Get vaccinated!

What’s one thing you wish all patients knew?

Healthy diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep can prevent or reduce the chances of almost all chronic medical conditions.

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