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Employee Spotlight: Honoring Our Veterans

Nov 10, 2020 By One Medical

At One Medical, our team members are united by a meaningful mission to transform healthcare. But for many, their impact on the country doesn’t stop there. Dozens of One Medical’s very own, who are present across many departments of the company, have served our country as military servicemen and women. In addition to supporting our human-centered approach to care at One Medical, these brave individuals have risked their lives and made enormous sacrifices to protect and defend our country. We’re proud to have them on our team and are grateful for their service. That’s why this Veterans Day, we asked them to share how they use the skills they learned in the service in their work today at One Medical. Here’s what they had to say:

Mallory Horton

District Operations Manager, East Bay, CA
U.S. Army Reserve

The military taught me so much about myself, and how important it is to function as a team. I feel that I've brought those lessons into my day to day life and career here at One Medical.”


Lea Anna Godwin-Tart, PA-C

Provider, Orange County, CA
U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

“My time in the Navy taught me persistence, perseverance, flexibility, and adaptation. The one constant in the military is change, so knowing that helps me to never feel surprised or ambushed with the next task at hand. I bring the same mindset of adaptation and flexibility in my role as an IOP in Orange County.”


Julia Lim, MD, MPH

Office Medical Director, Tysons, Virginia
U.S. Army and Army National Guard

“Serving in the U.S. Army was an amazing privilege and honor and has taught me so many life lessons! The most important lesson I learned is the importance of teamwork and always recognizing the valuable role each team member contributes towards common goals. This resonates well with One Medical’s team-based approach to providing exceptional care and our mission to transform health care.”


John Jones, DO, CAQSM

Office Medical Director, Scottsdale, AZ
U.S. Navy

“The experience I gained in the military leading people from diverse backgrounds and learning how to best utilize their unique skill sets to achieve a shared mission is something that I use daily in my role at One Medical.”


Marcus Saintil

IT Field Engineer
U.S. Army

“My time in the military has taught me many things. One would be problem-solving skills that I still use today.”


Katie Lam, MPAS, MPH, PA-C

Virtual Medical Team, Phoenix, Los Angeles
U.S. Air Force

“Mission first, people always. The Air Force taught me this and it rings so true today. My mission at One Medical is to provide the very best care I can while respecting my patients and my team always. In such a turbulent time, One Medical keeps human connection and care at the forefront of their mission.”


Michael Gutierrez, PA-C, MSc

Office Medical Director, Google Peninsula District
U.S. Army

“Being a medical officer in the U.S. military taught me to always be flexible and be able to adapt to rapidly changing environments. This was especially true this year when I was called to active duty twice to provide medical care to our fellow citizens hospitalized because of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania and Texas.”

Michael G

Michael Schmierer, CPP

Corporate Safety & Security (CSS)
U.S. Marine Corps

“The biggest thing that has carried over and that I use all of the time at One Medical is your attitude is a choice and you control the narrative for both your attitude and character. I believe that positive energy is contagious no matter what we're facing, and it can have a positive impact on your peers and team members!”

Michael S

To our active military members and veterans, as well as their families, we thank you for protecting our many freedoms. From those serving overseas, to those who served on the frontlines to provide critical care as COVID-19 struck here at home, we are grateful for your many sacrifices to keep us safe.

From all of us at One Medical, thank you to all Veterans.

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