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Think you need to go to the ER? Call us first.

Feb 15, 2017 By One Medical
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When you’re experiencing scary or unusual symptoms or something just doesn’t feel right, it can be tempting to think that emergency room is your best option.

But visits to the ER are not only expensive, time-consuming, and depersonalized, they’re also not always necessary.

It’s easy to feel like the emergency room is your only (or best) choice when something’s not right or when you need follow-up care for an injury. However, a primary care provider (PCP) can often identify the problem and its urgency, offer the care you need, or help you find the right place to get treated for a specific concern.

That’s where One Medical comes in.


Call us first.

Day or night, you can call any One Medical office to be connected with our Virtual Medical Team. One of our providers will be there for you — to answer your questions, assess your symptoms, and help you determine the best next step.

If it turns out your situation isn’t urgent, your provider may be able to book you a same or next-day visit to see a One Medical provider in the office. And, of course, our team is always available — over the phone or direct message — to walk you through follow-up care and address any additional concerns. ER visits can sometimes lead to over-testing and other misguided care because ER clinicians do not have their patients’ full medical records, another reason to call us first so we can provide the best guidance on what care you need.


Among our patients, we’ve found that about 40 percent of ER visits could have been avoided. By calling us first, our medical team can help you assess how you’re feeling and determine the best next steps for your care. While our Virtual Medical Team is not a substitution for emergency care when you truly need it, in many cases, your symptoms can be assessed and treated by a phone visit with a One Medical provider or during an in-office appointment.


So, the next time you have unsettling symptoms, give us a call first. Save your local One Medical number in your phone now:

  • Boston: 617-419-2893
  • Chicago: 312-999-5512
  • Los Angeles: 323-305-7606
  • New York: 212-441-4383
  • Phoenix: 602-218-4077
  • San Francisco Bay Area: 415-523-6317
  • Virginia & Washington, D.C.: 202-697-5520

We’re always on call, ready to help during those moments when you’re not sure what to do. If you’re in a life-threatening situation, please call 911.

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