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5 Health Hazards of an “Always On” Lifestyle

Technology has multifaceted benefits. Your smartphone can keep you connected with friends and family, find you healthy dining options nearby, and entertain you with games, music, and videos. Unfortunately tech has a darker side, too. Being plugged-in or “on” all the time can take… read more >

Do You Have ADHD and Not Know It?

We often hear people make off-handed remarks about “being so ADD.” Is it possible that they actually are? Though it’s one of the most common childhood disorders, affecting 9 percent of American kids between ages 13 and 18, can you really make it to adulthood… read more >

5 Mindfulness Exercises from Camp Grounded

Just because you’re a “grown-up” doesn’t mean you’re too old for summer camp. At least, that’s what the crew behind Camp Grounded believes, and they have quite the following to prove it. Over three weekends in June, hundreds of campers gather in Anderson Valley, CA… read more >

8 Steps to De-Stressing for Working Parents

No one is a stranger to stress in our modern world, but working parents face several unique stressors specific to juggling parenthood and career. The first is sleep deprivation, an issue that all parents–particularly parents of infants–are familiar with. Then there’s the stress that… read more >

9 Tips to Combat Work Stress

Stressed about work? According a recent Monster.com report, you’ve got plenty of company: 84 percent of respondents said stressful jobs impacted their personal lives, and 42 percent had purposely changed jobs due to stressful work environments. Even if you’re lucky enough to love what you… read more >

How to Deal with Stress in 10 Minutes or Less

Are you reading this while squinting? Jaw clenched? Shoulders up by your ears? Yep, you’re stressed all right. With today’s technology enabling us to be “on” all the time, stress runs rampant–and chronic stress can have a very negative effect on your physical health…. read more >

5 Common Ailments Related to Stress

When people say, “I’m stressed out,” they’re usually describing a mental feeling of pressure or agitation. But while stress may begin in the brain, the process very much involves the body. Our bodies aren’t meant to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight. Over… read more >