Half of American Women Report Elevated Stress Levels Post-Election

It’s clear that this year’s election has been unusually stressful for many people. In fact, the American Psychological Association published a...

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Live Well

8 Meditation Apps to Help You Relax

Plugging in for the purpose of “unplugging” may seem like an oxymoron. After all, meditation is free, accessible, and portable, whether or not...

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Mental Health

How to Manage Post-Election Emotions

For many people, election-related anxiety has been building for several months. Now that the election is over, many Americans are feeling a mix of anger,...

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Integrative Health

Reduce Stress Naturally with One Medical’s “Shift” Workshop

If you’re like many of the patients in our practice, you’re managing stress and anxiety on a daily basis – whether it’s work-related...

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Health 101

Fear Can Be Good — In Small Doses

Are you heading to a haunted house to get the wits scared out of you this Halloween? Or does the mere thought cause you to feel anxious instead of...

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Get Well

9 Tips to Combat Work Stress

Stressed about work? You’ve got plenty of company: 84 percent of respondents said stressful jobs impacted their personal lives, and 42 percent had...

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Live Well

3 Amazingly Easy Holiday Stress Busters

Even if you’re stranded on a deserted island, you probably know the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping...

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Mental Health at Work

How comfortable are you discussing your health at work? If you were coping with an illness, would you feel at ease telling your boss? What if the issue...

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