Top Health Stories of 2012

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As we say goodbye to 2012, here’s a look back at the most popular health stories of the year from the One Medical blog. These are the stories you emailed, tweeted, liked, pinned, and talked about most. We’ve enjoyed sharing these stories with you, and are grateful for your support. We love to hear input from our readers. If you have feedback on what kind of health news coverage you’d like to see in 2013, please leave a comment below or email

From all of us at One Medical, best wishes for a healthy 2013!

Eat Well

10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee
10 Healthy Eating Rules from Our Nutritionist 
5 Surprising Sources of Sugar 
5 Nutrition Lessons We Can Learn from Olympians 
10 Everyday Superfoods 
6 Convincing Reasons to Keep Carbs in Your Diet 
6 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin 
7 Steps to Mindful Eating  6 Benefits of Staying Hydated 
8 Spices That Are Good for Your Health 
5-Minute Breakfast Recipes 
10-Minute Breakfast Recipes 
4 Nutrients You Might Not Be Getting Enough Of 
Can Going Gluten-Free Boost Athletic Performance?
Are Organic Foods Really Healthier? 
Healthy Cooking Oils Buying Guide 
Post-Holiday Purge? The Bottom Line on Detox Diets 

Live Well

Stress and Anxiety

How to Cope with Anxiety 
Advice, Please: How Long Should I Be in Therapy? 
5 Reasons to Start a Morning Meditation Practice 
The Power of Breathing: 4 Pranayama Techniques Worth Practicing 
Mild Psychological Distress May Shorten Your Life 
Singing the Sunday Blues: How to Cope with Work Stress 

Exercise and Fitness

5 Types of Yoga to Try Now 
7 Reasons to Switch Up Your Workout 
4 Fitness Lessons We Can Learn from Olympians 
Stretch Yourself: Yoga for Back Pain 
How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy 
Barefoot Running: The Debate Continues 
Work Out at Work: 8 Mini Workouts You Can Do on the Job 


6 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep 
A Guide to the Best Natural Sleep Aids 
3 Sleep Lessons We Can Learn from Olympians 

Well Life

Tips to Prevent and Reduce Jet Lag 
Can High Heels Hurt You?
6 Tips for a Clear Complexion 
6 Stretches to Combat Repetitive Stress 
How to Lose the Pregnancy Weight: A Doctor’s Perspective 
Green Guide to Spring Cleaning 
What’s the Deal with Popping Joints? 
Your Eyes After 40: What’s Normal and What’s Not 
How to Soothe Dry Eyes 
Hair Removal Guide: Which Method Is Right for You? 
Influenza FAQ 

Health Headlines

Health Headaches: Why Do We Avoid Our Doctors? 
Does Alcohol Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer? 
Prostate Cancer Screening: Is It Worth the Risk? 
New Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening 
Rape and Pregnancy in the News 
Bath Salts: A New Epidemic of Drug Use 
Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Want to X-Ray Your Back 
Does Terror Lurk in Your Neti Pot? 
Marijuana Usage May Affect IQ in Teens 
Preventing HIV Infection with Truvada 
The Skinny on the New Weight-Loss Drugs 
The New Outbreak of Hantavirus: No Need to Run for Cover 
Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C 
FDA Approves At-Home Test for HIV 
The Link Between Blood Type and Heart Disease 
Do Multivitamins Fight Cancer? 

Quirky Questions

Quirky Questions: Why does coffee make me poop?
Quirky Questions: Can sugar really make kids hyperactive? 
Quirky Questions: Why is yawning contagious? 
Quirky Questions: Are deodorants and antiperspirants unhealthy? 
Quirky Questions: Does biting my fingernails cause them to grow faster? 
Quirky Questions: How much body heat do I really lose through my head? 
Quirky Questions: Do we really only use 10% of our brains?
Quirky Questions: Do stinky feet signify a health problem? 

Meet Our Providers

Meet Our Providers: Margit Dijkstra, MD 
Meet Our Providers: Seanna Sifflet, LAc, MSW 
Meet Our Providers: Lindsay Sher, MD 
Meet Our Providers: Paul Stabile, PA-C 
Meet Our Providers: Lauren Levy, PA-C 

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