To Email, or Not to Email?

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Email can be a great way to communicate with your health care provider at One Medical Group, but did you know that for many issues we offer even faster ways to get the help you need? The following tips should help steer you in the right direction:

  • To schedule an appointment, just go to our website and log in. You can see our available appointments and take care of the entire booking process online in moments. Caught without your computer? No problem. You can also log in and make an appointment right on your phone by downloading our free app.
  • Have a question about your bill or any other administrative issue? Contact our helpful administrative staff by emailing You can also resolve many billing issues via our mobile app by clicking the My One tab.
  • Need a medication renewed? If you’re sure you don’t have any refills remaining on your prescription, just log in and click Prescription Renewals to submit a request online; we’ll begin processing your request immediately. It’s also easy to submit your request using the mobile app by selecting the Prescriptions tab.
  • For travel-related questions, about things like vaccines or anti-malaria drugs, go to our website and click on Traveler’s Health to get prompt answers from our travel health specialists!
  • For cold, flu, or sinus symptoms, or seasonal allergies, or if you’re a woman with a urinary tract infection, we might be able to take care of you over the phone, saving you the time and expense of an office visit. Give us a call and ask to speak to the Medical Advice Team.
  • For common ailments like the ones above, you can use the Treat Me Now feature in our mobile app and one of our providers will review your information. If there’s a simple solution, we’ll send a prescription directly to your pharmacy. If we need more information, a member of our team will call you for additional details.
  • For an emergency, call 911 rather than sending an email. If you have an urgent issue that isn’t serious enough for 911, call our office. We try to respond to emails within 24 hours, but when you need a faster response, we’re available by phone.

If after reading all of the above, you’re certain that you need advice from your provider via email, then keep your e-mail brief. If your email is longer than a few sentences, or if you have multiple complex issues to discuss, it’s likely you’ll need an office visit, so please schedule one online or directly from our mobile app.

And please remember: Avoid using email to discuss highly confidential topics. Standard email isn’t considered a secure method of communication, and is vulnerable to being read by third parties.

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