Weight Loss Tip: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Fork

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Quirky health news was everywhere we turned this week, so we’ve decided to go with it. Here are our favorite weird and insightful news stories of the week. Have a healthy weekend!

Want to lose weight? Speak softly and carry a big fork.

Scientific insight into what happened when your friend put that lampshade on his head during last night’s Bastille Day celebration.

Filed under high ick factor: Read this before you put that toothbrush in your medicine chest.

Move over alpha male. A recent baboon study shows there are benefits to being number two.

Across the pond, a researcher stirs up a heated debate about how much hydration we need.

We’re saving the best news for last: Over the past five years, smoking declined as much as 90% in movies for children and teens!

What was your favorite health headline this week?

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