Let’s Hear it For the Boys: Two Guys Lose Weight

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You may have caught our body image post a few weeks back. Admittedly, it was geared toward women, since it’s women who tend to be bombarded by weight loss messages each January. But a different type of weight loss headline caught our eye this morning on the Los Angeles Times’ web site: A blog by two Times editors that chronicles the weight loss journey of two dudes. While we can’t endorse their weight loss plan (or lack thereof), we can attest that this blog is a hilarious and rare glimpse into what men go through as they battle the bulge. When faced with challenges such as–what to eat when your buddies at the bar are gorging on sausage and onion rings and how to restrain yourself when you visit your favorite old steak house–the guys channel Cartman from South Park, share strategies for how to eat during the NFL playoffs, and summon Maverick from Top Gun. They fall down and they get back up again. They even have petty moments at the gym:

At my gym there are several gentlemen who really get under my skin. The first guy has perfect hair and a dynamite body. He’ll just grab a bunch of free weights, lay on his back and just lift them up and down like 20 times. These are huge, monstrous iron disks. Then he’ll waltz over to a pull-up bar and do 20 reps there. Then he’ll go to the leg machine and a small elephant will walk by and he’ll lift the elephant with one leg for 20 reps, and then the other leg for 20.

Meanwhile his hair remains perfect.

Hate that guy.

Are these types of outbursts a sign of low blood sugar or an unbalanced diet? Perhaps. But change is difficult. We’re rooting for them all the way.

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