June 2013: Month in Review

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Summer’s heating up–are you ready to cool off in the kitchen? Check out two new chilled soups and two summery salads.

Protecting your skin from the sun is just one of many tactics for keeping your body’s largest organ healthy. Check out our healthy skin guide for more tips.

If you have hypertension or pre-hypertension, you won’t want to miss our new series on battling high blood pressure–the all-natural way. One Medical Group’s Emily Harrison, MD, outlines what really works when it comes to diet and exercise for managing hypertension.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? A new study sheds light on a newly discovered health benefit for breastfeeding moms.

In health headlines this month, outbreaks of bacterial meningitis and hepatitis A made news–our providers tackled your tough questions.

In July, we’ll examine the effectiveness of four stress reduction techniques on reducing blood pressure. And we’ll kick off our new interview series with the sailors and staff of ORACLE TEAM USA, Defending Champions of the 34th America’s Cup. So stick around for fresh healthy living inspiration, coming soon!

Eat Well

Guacamole Gazpacho with Shrimp by Alice Stern

Chilled Cucumber-Mint Soup by Allison Hodge

Mediterranean Bulgur Salad by Alice Stern

Citrus-Beet Salad with Tahini Dressing by Allison Hodge

Live Well

Natural Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure: 4 Diet Game-Changers by Emily Harrison, MD

Natural Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure: Your Best Exercise Bets by Emily Harrison, MD

Healthy Skin Checklist: 10 Steps to Better Skin by One Medical Group

Health Headlines

Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Costco Frozen Berries by Susan Owen, MHS, PA-C

The New Meningitis Outbreak: What You Need to Know by Malcolm Thaler, MD

Another Health Benefit for Mothers Who Breastfeed by Susan Owen, MHS, PA-C

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