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Good Karma

September marks the beginning of fall, which means crisp, cool days, back-to-school time, and – National Yoga Month! Sponsored by the Yoga Health Foundation (a nonprofit organization), National Yoga Month is intended to “build awareness of yoga’s proven health benefits and provide people with actionable guidance and tools to enhance their own well-being.” This year, the organization is offering one week of free yoga to new yoga students – go to their website to learn more about it. Seriously. That’s a great deal.

As a practicing yogini, I can attest to yoga’s many benefits. In my twenties, a long day of work would literally be a pain in my neck, and my back – not to mention the pent up anxiety I felt on a regular basis. Many years and yoga classes later, I feel armed with the tools I need to take care of my body and my mind, which means I experience less pain and suffering in all kinds of circumstances.

Here are a few of my very favorite yoga resources:

The serious stuff
Yogaglo, for online classes
Yoga Journal, for all kinds of yoga information for beginning to advanced students (full disclosure: I’m also an editor there)

The fun stuff
YogaDork, a hilarious blog that covers yoga news, pop culture, celeb gossip
Yeah, Dave, a laid back yoga dude who encourages everyone to have a beautiful, funny, and delicious moment each day
It’s About Yoga, an Anusara Yoga teacher and writer shares her personal stories about yoga

Infographic: This is What You Eat in a Year

Check out this brilliant infographic designed by The Atlantic Monthly – it charts (in pounds) how much the average American consumes per year in different food categories. I was pleased to see that the average Joe racks up 415.4 pounds of veggies per year. But he doesn’t fare so well when it comes to fish (only 16.1 pounds per year!) or corn syrup (a whopping 42 pounds). To learn more about how added sugars effect your health, read our post, Sweet Seduction.

Lunch Inspiration

If the Atlantic infographic doesn’t inspire you to eat healthier, this guest blog on the Daily Perricone will. A homeschooling mom shares her tips for packing a healthy school lunch and includes really fabulous photographs of her own kids’ lunches. The bento-box like containers she uses allows her to create a beautiful variety of options for her kids to enjoy.

What’s your go-to healthy lunch? Do you have any lunchtime hits that your kids love?

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