December 2013: Month in Review

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Vanity Fair Magazine caused a stir with its recent exposé on NuvaRing. One Medical Group provider Kyoko Peña-Robles, MD, MPH explains the findings.

The Food and Drug Administration wants to eliminate all artificial trans fats from the food supply. Learn how the change might impact your diet and your health.

Research shows that the flu shot can protect your heart while protecting you from the dreaded influenza virus. Discover how the vaccine can offer cardiovascular benefits.

From HMOs to PPOs, we have all the facts you need to make an informed decision when picking a health insurance plan.

High-quality protein keeps your body functioning efficiently. One Medical nutritionist Samantha Treyve, MS, RD shares the skinny on how much you really need and how to get it.

In January, we’ll have plenty of gluten-free breakfast recipes, infographics to help keep your diet on track, and tips for keeping all your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what else you might have missed from one:life in December.


NuvaRing and Blood Clot Risk by Kyoko Peña-Robles, MD, MPH

Trans Fats and Your Health by Michelle Konstantinovsky

Flu Shots May Protect Your Heart, Too by Michelle Konstantinovsky

Eat Well

Gluten-Free Quinoa Breakfast Porridge by Karyn Duggan, CNC

Winter Salad: Pears, Persimmons, Pomegranates by Alice Stern

Pea Soup with Fennel by Nikki Jong

Persimmon Cranberry Walnut Crisp by Kathleen Reutter

Chocolate Bark with Dried Cranberries, Almonds, and Orange Peel by Kathleen Reutter

A Guide to Protein by Samantha Treyve, MS, RD

5 Food Groups That Help Lower Cholesterol by Michelle Konstantinovsky

8 Key Nutrients Vegetarians Need by

Live Well

HMO vs PPO: How to Pick Your Health Insurance Plan by Kevin Potter

5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season by Leyl Master Black

19 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas by Sarah Kim

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