Got a Yeast Infection? Try These Easy Home Remedies


Three out of four women will experience at least one yeast infection in their lifetimes. If you’ve had one you know the signs: severe vaginal itching and irritation accompanied by a thick, white discharge. Sometimes you might feel a burning sensation during urination or sex. Yeast infections certainly aren’t pleasant, but under most circumstances, they’re easy to treat.

What causes a yeast infection?

The vagina always contains small amounts of yeast. When you’re healthy, that yeast (technically, a fungus known as Candida albicans) exists in harmony with your immune system and your other normal vaginal microorganisms. But when something disrupts this balance, the yeast can grow quickly, becoming dense enough to cause the symptoms of a full-blown infection.

Antibiotics are one of the most common culprits in causing yeast infections, because they destroy vaginal bacteria and thereby disrupt the balance of power among the vaginal microorganisms. This balance is also affected by hormone levels, so women are more prone to yeast infections if they’re using hormonal contraceptives, during pregnancy, or just prior to menstruation. Yeast infections are also more common in women with compromised immune systems due to illnesses like diabetes, AIDS or cancer. In fact, anything that weakens your immune system – such as stress, lack of sleep, consumption of alcohol and perhaps even refined sugar – can lead to an overgrowth of yeast.

How should I treat a yeast infection?

OTC Treatment
Fortunately, most yeast infections are not serious, says One Medical Group physician Kohar Der Simonian. “Left untreated, yeast infections will usually go away on their own. But most women cannot tolerate the severe itching,” she says. Fortunately, the infections respond well to over-the-counter antifungal creams or suppositories. “If you’re sure it’s a yeast infection, it’s safe to go ahead and use an over-the-counter medication like Monistat.”

Home Remedies
Some people find soaking in an apple cider vinegar bath offers relief, as the vinegar can help restore normal acidity to the vagina. Add two cups of vinegar to a shallow warm–not hot–bath, and soak for 15 minutes. Make sure you dry yourself thoroughly before getting dressed. Every body is different, but most women will see some improvement after two or three soaks, Der Simeon says.

She also says that applying plain yogurt to the area may help to restore balance and reduce irritation. Using only plain yogurt with active cultures, and once or twice a day, rub a few tablespoons’ worth around the outside of the vagina to quell irritation there, or insert the same amount into the vagina. You can also dip a tampon in the yogurt, let it soak for a few minutes, and then insert it.

It’s safe to try these natural remedies before you opt for the over-the-counter medications, and they are perfectly safe to use in addition to other treatments, Der Simeon says, even for pregnant women.

For chronic yeast infections, boric acid is sometimes recommended, but it has to be obtained from a pharmacy that compounds drugs, Der Simonian says. The gelatin capsules are inserted into the vagina at night for two weeks, and serve as both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

When should I make an appointment to see my provider?

The first time you experience the symptoms of a yeast infection, you should see your doctor to rule out any other conditions, Der Simonian advises. Even if you’ve had a yeast infection before, you should consult your physician if the condition isn’t improving despite using medication, or if you experience four or more yeast infections per year. You might need something stronger than what’s available over-the-counter. Finally, if your discharge has a bad odor, if you have a fever, or if you have other serious medical problems, you should definitely seek medical attention.

How can I prevent future yeast infections?

  • The best way to reduce your risk of getting a yeast infection is to avoid things that promote the growth of yeast. Here’s how to do that:
  • Keep the vaginal area clean and dry. After showering, dry the area thoroughly; always remove wet swimsuits and exercise clothes right away; and limit the amount of time you spend in hot tubs or very hot baths.
  • Let the area breathe. Wear cotton, not nylon, underwear; and avoid tights and pantyhose without a cotton lining, as well as tight pants. Consider not wearing underwear during sleep to allow some airflow.
  • Watch your sugar intake, including alcohol! Sugar is the main food source for yeast.
  • Take probiotics, especially if you are taking antibiotics. Probiotics, found in cultured foods like yogurt and especially in Activia, help restore your normal vaginal bacteria.
  • Finally, always avoid douches, feminine sprays, deodorant tampons, and even bubble baths, which may contain chemicals that can be irritating, says Der Simonian.

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  1. A. Marina Fournier says:

    When I was using foam as birth control, I never realized that was the cause of the itching, and some discharge. Tests for yeast always came back negative, but there was still this itching. Apparently no one thought to ask me what form of birth control I was using.

    I couldn’t stand the smell of Monistat, nor the feel of it slipping down. I bought one of those douche bulbs with the “sprinkler” which is inserted.

    I mixed about 1/8 cup plain yogurt with active cultures, thinned it with some warm water, and poured it into the bulb. I then laid down in the bathtub and applied it inside, and stayed there for a few minutes after it was empty, then patted myself dry.

    I could use that as often as needed, without the dreaded smell or drip, and it was much less expensive. At the time, there was no OTC monistat equivalent. It almost didn’t matter why I itched, and there no side effects to worry about.

    Turns out I never really had many yeast infections at all, as I stopped having itchies after I switched birth control methods. However, when I did get them, they never lasted long.

    • Nicole says:

      It also happened to me a lot, been to my doctor but my tests come back negative bat the discharge is there. I just started applying natural ways to treat my infection. Fermented foods are very effective too in treating and managing the infection. Fermented food and alcohol depletes nutrients which allows the proliferation of the fungus.

  2. janecaren says:

    Thanks for your remedies, it is highly useful and advisable.

    • vidya says:

      Hi thanks for your advice
      now i was on mediation with suppository and antibiotics
      like rabeprazole &Domperidone,
      ciprofloxin500mg and tinhdazole600mg
      But i am getting still thick watery secretions while
      am using suppository also
      Still am getting watery secretions may i know how longer it ll take to cure please reply me i got irritating with this secretions or tell alternative
      thank you

    • Kiley says:

      Hi. I’ve never had intercourse before and have never stuck anything in my vagina.. I started to a get liquid substance from my vaguna around May last year and over the monthes it started to get an odor.. Is it still a yeast infection or something else. I’m worried If I don’t know what it is now others might start to notice the odor… Can you help me please?

      • TAMICA says:

        Kiley? I’m hoping you’ve gotten checked out by now. If not, what you were describing sounds exactly like BV…bacterial vaginosis. A common infection for women. There are ways to always control yeast infections and BV. We have good & bad bacteria in our beautiful temples. There are ways to trigger a woman’s flora….meaning what we eat, what we wear, how much we sweat down there, what we use to wash/show,etc….affect our pH balance. Eating yogurt, drinking water, wiping from front to back, showering with no scented soaps in vaginal area mostly prevent the chaos. Any more questions….I’ll be glad to answer

  3. nautica says:

    How long do the yeast infection last…

    • Hi Nautica.

      Thanks for your question. In the vast majority of cases, yeast infections respond quickly to treatment, usually with all symptoms resolving within a few days. If symptoms persist, see your health care provider – it could be something else.

      Malcolm Thaler, MD
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  4. mariamuy5 says:

    I was on antibiotics to treat a stomach ulcer and immediately developed digestive difficulties and a yeast infection. Then I started using the Lady Soma probiotics , and it took care of all the side effects of the antibiotic. Awesome.

  5. Hannah says:

    What kind of vinegar should be used?

  6. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have had a few yeast infections and I have never been told about the yogurt of vinegar so thank you.

  7. Payton says:

    How often should you change out the tampon with the yogurt on it?

    • Hi Payton,

      Thanks for the comment. We’d recommend using plain yogurt on the tampon and leaving it in overnight before going to bed (8-9 hrs/treatment). Feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions–we’d be more than happy to help!

      • Amber says:

        right before i found out i had a yeast infection i has sexual intercourse and it burned and hurt really bad the next day i had a yeast problem and will the yogurt hurt on a tampon “scented or unscented”? or will it soothe it?? and make it go away it seems like i get one once a year i hate! it

  8. Ken says:

    Hi, good article.

  9. D says:

    How long does a yeast infection take to go away without any treatment at all?

    • Hi there

      Thanks for reaching out. A yeast infection may take up to 30 days to resolve without treatment. Some have seen the infection clear up sooner with the removal of refined carbohydrates. We suggest talking to your primary care provider to look into this further and discuss treatment options.

  10. Kristen says:

    I have never had a yeast infection or any infection for that matter. But I believe I have a yeast infection now. As we speak I am trying the vinager will keep you posted on how it works. Thanks for the home remedies

  11. KAYLA says:


  12. Marvee says:

    If you tried waiting longer then 30 days for it to go away. Does that mean its not a yeast infection? Or just everyone might need different treatments?

    • Hi Marvee,

      Thanks for your comment. If the rash hasn’t cleared in 30 days, it might be something other than yeast or just a yeast infection that needs to be evaluated for treatment so please talk to your primary care provider to look into further.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  13. jessica says:

    i have a yeast infection now and i been taking the meds cover the counter but its not working yet what can i use to help with the itch and also i been taking the meds before i go to work in the morning but it says to use at bedtime van i use it more thanonce a day?

    • Hey Jessica,

      This would depend on the type of over the counter medication you are taking such as a cream or suppository. For women with vaginitis who are not pregnant, the simplest solution usually is to take a single dose of the pill diflucan – that usually clears it right up! If you’re using a cream, it would probably not hurt to apply an extra dose for a couple of days. In any case, we would suggest talking to your primary care provider first to discuss your options to help clear up the yeast infection.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  14. petrina says:

    I have a yeast infection due to the antibiotics that I was taking, will the yeast infection go away on its own or I have to get treatment

    • Hi Petrina,

      Yeast infections can sometimes go away by themselves but may take up to 30 days without medication. We’d suggest talking to your primary care provider to discuss the treatment options that work best for you.

  15. Nicole says:

    Being that the over the counter medications are typically cream applications that should not be inserted inside the vagina, do these creams actually help with the discharge accompanied with the infection? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Nicole,

      I’m mostly familiar with the prescription creams, and they are placed intravaginally. Yes, they clear the infection completely and relieve all of its symptoms.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  16. Katie says:

    I started having symptoms of a yeast infection nearly two weeks ago. I started cutting back sugary foods and sitting in a baking soda bath in the mornings. After a few days, and not seeing any improvement, I used a one-day monistat treatment. I was still itchy externally, but the discharge stopped almost completely. This morning, I was using a vibrator, and when I pulled it out, it was COVERED in yeast. I became immediately concerned and tried removing as much as I could. Then I started searching the internet. I am going to head to the store and get some plain yogurt and garlic cloves….but am concerned about the amount of yeast I cleaned out of myself – it was about 3-4 tablespoons. And I am positive there is still more remaining. Is there anything more I should do? I cannot afford to go to the doctor, and would really like to treat at home.

  17. stephanie says:

    Is it safe to insert the tampon with yogurt even when on your menstural cycle? I just srarted before starting this remedy and wasn’t sure if it was ok.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      There’s no data pertaining to this question specifically, but I would not recommend introducing bacteria into the vagina during menstruation as you may cause an infection. I’d also suggest getting in touch with your doctor to see what he/she recommends for the yeast infection.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  18. Penne says:

    How long should I wait to soak in vinegar again? I just soaked a little while ago, so would tomorrow morning be ok, or should I wait until tomorrow evening?

    • Hi Penne,

      Once a day should be fine. Note above that Kohar says that some women see improvements after 2-3 soaks. As always, please make sure to keep your primary care provider in the loop about your condition if you do not see any improvements.

  19. nami says:

    These are natural remedies I found to be effective:
    1. Garlic (whole peeled clove inserted. And/Or eaten)
    2. Tea Tree Oil
    3. Apple Cider Vinegar
    4. Peroxide with Baking Soda
    5. Hibiclens
    6. Citrus Seed Extract (Grapefruit Seed Extract)
    7. Plain Yogurt (eaten and topically)
    8. AVOIDING SUGAR – eating alkaline foods, green veg.
    9. Drinking lots of water
    10. Probiotics

    • Gail says:

      I would like instructions on the use of the Garlic clove, Peroxide with bakg soda and Hibiclens for the itch. Thank you

    • Ms. Kay says:

      I tried the apple cidar vinegar remedy and my surprise after only one soakthe itching had stopped and I feel much relief. However I am going to do two more soaks and hopefully that will keep the symptoms from returning. Thanks so much for the advice.

  20. Courtney says:

    I have gotten & now have again., what I assume is a yeast infection. I got my first one about 2 years ago & went to the doctor for it & the symptoms are all the same. But anyways ; I have gotten a yeast infection every month since December 2012 around 1 – 2 weeks before my period starts & at first I thought it was because I took baths alot so I stopped taking them & still kept getting them . Then they stopped around march & now I have one again 1 week.before my period is supposed to come. Do you think my period has something to do with it? Or could it be something more serious?

    • Hey Courtney,

      Some women can be susceptible to recurrent yeast infections for many number of reasons, ranging from genetic susceptibility to alterations in local vaginal immunity. Hormone levels can also affect susceptibility, so it’s quite possible that colonization with yeast occurs during a time of high estrogen levels (around ovulation) and may be presents later around your period even though estrogen levels are lowest at that time.

      We’d suggest talking to your primary care provider to make sure you’re truly experiencing a yeast infection. From there, he/she can discuss treatment options and ways to help prevent further infections in the future. Recurrent yeast infections can be a nuisance, but are fairly common.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  21. ivette says:

    Hi so i went to see my doctor and He told me i had a yeast infection. he prescribed me metronidazole vaginal gel which i used twice a day for 5 days it seemed to help a little but when i finished using the treatment the itch and irritation came back. I got vagasil for the itch but when i put it on it burns really bad it seems to not help.

  22. tiffany says:

    I went to the doctors and he said I had yeast infection I used the vagial cream he gave me and week later I got the proboictics now I think I’m getten yeast again what should I do?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      We suggest you follow up with your doctor to see if you are having another infection. He/she will be able to determine if you may need a different medication or other ways to help prevent infections in the future.

  23. Bri says:

    can you contract a yeast infection by having intercourse with someone who may have had intercourse with another person and does your partner need to be treated also, once contracted?

    • Hi Bri,

      Although yeast infections aren’t usually considered a sexually transmitted disease, genital yeast can be spread from person to person. Remember, it’s easy to treat. Both partners should be treated to prevent passing the infection back and forth to each other.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

      • Latonia says:

        Lately I have been under a great deal of stress and my weight is fluctuating. I think I may have gotten a yeast infection from sweating alot. I did not notice the symptoms right away and was involved with my partner who is a diabetic. My discharge is clear with a sweetish smell and when I noticed it was after attempting to have sex. I was aroused, but could not perform because of being dry. Can yeast infections cause this problem?Is it true that diabetics are more prone to yeast infections and if so can men get them that way and pass them to their partner? Sometimes it feels like Im wetting myself when I get the discharge and it is clitoral also. I have been tested for std’s, butmy test came back negative. What can I do when my doctor’s can’t give me a better answer?

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I saw where you mention plain yogurt. Did you mean like unflavored yogurt or sugar-free yogurt ? I just dont want to put the wrong things down there ! Im lost please enlighten me !

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      As stated in the section above, please use plain, unflavored yogurt. We suggest always checking in with your primary care provider before embarking on any sort of treatment–please make sure to reach out to him/her. Thanks for the comment!

  25. Vera says:

    If I have a yeast infection, should I wear the padding tampons or the ones you insert?

    • Hey Vera,

      Good question. Pads are probably the best to use until the infection has cleared. Tampons can create a dark and moist environment that encourages yeast to grow.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  26. Riley says:

    I have had the burning and itching for months now can it be a yeast infection or a bacterial infection I just keep thinking it will go away but it won’t I also have the murena iud in

  27. Denice says:

    Is AZO a good thing to take for yeast infections?

    • Hi Denice,

      AZO is an over-the-counter medication typically used to help treat discomfort associated with urinary tract infection (UTIs). It won’t relieve symptoms related to a yeast infection.

  28. reese says:

    Hi I’ve been getting a smelly white(like dry toilet paper) discharge and a itch at my viginal area I’ve never gotten this before .. Just wanted to know if it is a yeast infection? And if white vinegar really is an effective remedy?

    • Hey Reece,

      This sounds like one of the typical symptoms of a yeast infection. We suggest seeing your doctor so he/she can confirm if you’re experiencing a yeast infection. Apple cider vinegar may help relieve the symptoms (see the section above under “home remedies”) but we’d suggest discussing with your doctor before embarking on any home treatment.

  29. Shania says:

    Very good information

  30. Brianna says:

    I am currently experiencing my first yeast infection after taking Amoxicillin for a few days. I just stopped taking it a couple days ago, and the infection itself doesn’t seem so bad, so should it clear up faster than 30 days?

    • Hi Brianna,

      Yes, yeast infections can be self-limited. This means they can sometimes resolve on their own without medication for some women. You can also try limiting your sugar and refined carbs (like white bread and alcohol) intake which may help in the healing process.

  31. Liz. says:

    I am beyond paranoid about this now.. My boyfriend and I were having sex about.. two days ago and he was hurting me. Size wise. Well for the past couple of days I’ve been really sore. We tried again tonight and it felt like he was ripping me in half.. IlI got in the shower yesterday and there was a whiteish discharge which scared me to death but I chalked it up to maybe me not cleaning up very well the night before to keep myself from panicing. Maybe just some of his ejaculation or something.. I don’t itch or anything it just hurts a lot and after we had sex I went pee and it felt like I set myself on fire … What is this..? :’( I’m scared after reading this..

    • Hi Liz,

      The discharge you’re describing sounds like one of the usual symptoms of a yeast infection. Yeast can cause irritation in the vagina which can cause pain during sex or urination. Please make sure to visit your primary physician so they can look further into the issue you’re experiencing.

  32. Judy says:

    I went to my Dr. for a regular check up & they found bacteria so they gave me a weeks worth of pills to take. It made me so depressed :(
    Once done I got a Yeast Infection. I didn’t know right away since I never had one, so I made another appointment where they told me it was because of the previous pills.
    The prescribed me 1 pill. I hope it works!
    Thank you for the helpful information you have provided! I will be using these tips in the future and now to speed up the process :)

  33. Anna says:

    Do you HAVE to use apple cider vinegar or is just vinegar OK??

  34. sharon says:

    is the vaginal discharge during an yeast infection suppose to smell bad ?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Good question. Vaginal discharge with an odd odor is usually a typical symptom of a yeast infection, but some milder infections may not have a smell associated with it. If you think you may be experiencing a yeast infection, it’s best to get it checked out by your doctor.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  35. Devan says:

    I went to the hospital because I had irritation around my vagina area. they gave me pills to take, I’m using Diflucan & Flagyl pills. The itching isn’t as bad but it’s still there and the white discharge is still here. Do you think it will clear up completely?

    • Hey Devan,

      It sounds like your doctor is treating you for more than one condition. We can’t give out specific medical advice online but I’d suggest seeing your physician who can run some tests to see what’s going on.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  36. Norma says:

    If I’m using the 7day miconazole and it seems my infection has cleared up sooner than 7 days like 3 or 5 is it okay to stop taking it or should I continue? I have no more signs of itching or discharge.

    • Hi Norma,

      For people using the 7-day miconazole over-the-counter medication, you can usually stop treatment once you’ve been symptom-free for 48 hours. We’d suggest consulting with your doctor if you see symptoms reappear again.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  37. Notsure says:


    I suspect I may have a yeast infection.I have looked up the symptoms but they dont really match.

    I suffer from psoriasis and every time I have my periods, the pads give me a rash which itches like crazy and the skin begins to peel off. Although for the past two months its been reducing.

    It doesnt itch in or on the vagina just on the parts where the pad has been in touch with the skin the most i.e. the butt, the part towards the thigh and bit of the labia.

    Some days it hurts to pee but that usually lasts an evening. And i always classified it as UTI.

    A few days ago, when i woke up, i noticed a white layer on my vagina. It shocked me, so i decided to investigate further. Sure enough, there was yeast. But in very small amounts. What is the normal amount of yeast in the vagina? Is it supposed to be visible on fingers?

    I do get a discharge from the vagina. But nothing abnormal. My vagina doesnt even smell bad.

    I maintain a lot of hygiene. Washing with water even after urination, changing panties etc.

    I did go to a doctor when this started but she handed me a few ointments for the psoriasis and sent me on my way.
    I dont know if i should classify this as yeast infection and seek help.

  38. NotSure says:

    How much amount of Yeast should be there in the vagina?
    Should it show on the fingers?
    I decided to check if i had an infection, and i was shocked to find small bits of yeast on my finger.
    I have no other symptoms.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for your comments. A certain amount of discharge from the vagina is normal even in perfect health. It could be yeast or just a normal, whitish discharge.

      If you’re concerned you may have a yeast infection, we’d recommend visiting your primary physician so they can run some tests to look into this issue.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  39. Teee says:

    Thanks for enlightening us more.but i want to ask if a girl is having thick discharge with brownish colour is that also a yeast infection or what

    • Hi Teee,

      Thanks for your question. It’s not common for yeast infections to have a brown discharge. I’d recommend she should get it checked out by her doctor to look into the cause of the discharge.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  40. Karen says:

    I’m a very fit and healthy 40 year old woman who’s never before had any kind of vaginal infection. But now, for the past 8 months, I’ve had a yeast infection every month, about 10 days after my period ends. I eat a very healthy diet and have no behaviors that would predispose me to this. Could it be hormonal changes? My doctor typically gives me diflucan and sends me on my way. I am taking probiotics and apple cider vinegar. Is there anything else I can to to prevent this?

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your question. Reoccurring yeast infections are common but sometimes can be difficult to treat. Some ways to prevent infections is to eliminate as many external factors as possible (i.e. panty liners, pantyhose, and sexual lubricants) and making sure your blood sugar levels are normal. If you’re on oral contraceptives you may find relief by switching to another medication with a lower estrogen content. I’d suggest talking to your health care provider to chat with you further about other lifestyle changes that may be able to help prevent further infections.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  41. kay says:

    after doing a medical exam i was told i had bacteria in my vagina,i was given some pills to take and when after that i started experiencing the irritation

    i was given med clomatrizone,metratazone.the shot given whch have failed to clear the yeast over and over again

    i have tried the home remedies garlic nd taking yoghurt oraly nd down there.itz past 2years now nd have painful sensation during sex and urinatin after sex

  42. Jaycee says:

    Hi! I’m a newlywed and unfortunately I seem to have contracted a yeast infection during our honeymoon. I’ve only ever had one before and that was from taking antibiotics when I was a preteen. I believe this time it came from wearing an old (too small) bathing suit and having it ride up on me while wearing it, and also not changing out of it fast enough when it was wet. My husband and I abstained before we got married, so I wanted to know if there was any way sex could have contributed to this infection? I feel pretty positive that it was the bathing suit situation that is the culprit, but I just want to be 100% sure

  43. Pragati says:

    hi, I have yeast infection.I
    have looked up the symptoms they really match. Hi I’ve been getting a white discharge and a itch at
    my viginal area please tell me some simple home remeady as soon as posible.

  44. kathy says:

    hi this is my 5 yeast infection this year and everysingle one i used iver the counter medicen and i think that after the 3 one i figured my husband was passing it back and forth, so i got him over the counter med and i bought some for my self, but for some reason i contracted anither one and the over the counter med. doesnt seem to be working now, please help me with any thing you think will make it go away and stay away, the iching is driving me crazy…. Thank You

  45. Jenna says:

    How old do u have to be to get a yeast infection?

    And what if u have the symptoms of a yeast infection but have lasted for several months??
    Please reply thanks;)

    • Hi Jenna,

      Yeast infections can be contracted at any age, so there’s no age limitation. If you’ve had a yeast infection for several months, you should visit your doctor to find the best way to treat the infection and prevent them in the future.

  46. Jenna says:

    I’m 13 and I’m really not sure what’s going on, I have extreme itching down there, burning and sometimes if I itch there a white substance is like peeling of and I’m too scared/nervous to tell my mom and if I was to I’d be too embarrassed to go to the doctors office but anyways these symptoms have lasted about 8-10 months and I’m really nervous in what it is, please answer I’m really scared thanks

    • Lady says:

      8-10 months is not good and not healthy. All your mom will want is for you to feel better and feel healthy. Your mom has most likely experienced something similar before, so she should understand and be able to help you best. Once you have relief you will realize telling your mom was worth it, and not nearly as bad as it seems.

  47. shana says:

    hi so what if the discharge is thick like cottagecheese but doesnt smell…

  48. Nancy says:

    I think iv got yeast infection coz its very painful during sex,i had it before thnk its back again,what can i use to prevent the reocurring yeast infection and what are probiotics?

    • Hey Nancy,

      Thanks for our questions. Check the information above under the section “How can I prevent future yeast infections” to see tips on how to prevent reoccurring yeast infections. To answer your 2nd question, probiotics are a type of “healthy” bacteria which may offer protection/help from harmful bacteria that can cause imbalance in the body. Probiotics are commonly found in yogurt and fermented foods like kimchee and sauerkraut.

  49. Kara says:

    I have the itching, burning, discharge, and inflammation. Could this be a yeast infection?

    • Hi Kara,

      It sounds like it could be a yeast infection, but could also be a series of other issues depending on your symptoms. Your best option is to get this checked out by your doctor for a diagnosis and what to do for next steps.

  50. Sarai says:

    Can you please suggest something to help relieve the itching! Even my clitoris, is that normal? I am using the monistat antifungal cream but it wears of Help!
    Greatly appreciated :)

  51. Crystal says:

    I was diagnosed with the yeast infection. The problem is, I took the pills I was prescribed but couldn’t resist the itch. I kept itching which caused open scratches, I would do my best not to itch but I just can’t help it. So I itched again and open the scratches again. It is repetitive. Hot water relieves the itching but from reading above, I shouldn’t use the hot water? What would you suggest given all of the scratches/scabs??

    • Hey Crystal,

      If you already took the pills your doctor prescribed and you’re still having the severe itching symptoms, we’d suggest following up with your doctor. He/she may be able to suggest another medication to help relieve the itching.

  52. Claire89 says:

    I’m 23 weeks prefnant and am now on flagyl for what my ob/gyn believes to be bacterial vaginosis, but this intense itching and burning and discharge seems like a yeast infection to me…can flagyl treat a yeast infection? I can’t use the creams or suppositories because they never seem to help me, so I’m hoping the flagyl clears this up. In the meantime, what is the fastest way to help relieve the itching?

  53. tiffani says:

    Hey I went to the emergency room on Thursday because I didn’t know what was going on. I went swimming on Monday in our subdivision pool. Shortly after getting out the pool I started to get an itch sensation so I just thought mybskin was sensitive. They next day it started itching more and thursday came I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to the hospital after work. Dr. Said it was a yeast infection gave me a fluconazole and a prescription for one more its sunday and the itching has calmed down but not totally gone. Should I get more meds.

  54. Sally says:

    I am a virgin and am 16 & I looked down there cause it was itchy and it’s read and I have a white discharge! I can’t tell my mom and I only have a shower! I need at home remideys to help! I’m scared! It’s really itchy

  55. Gemma says:

    Hi, I’m 15 and I like have no idea if I have one or not? I’ve had itching before but it’s more like the creese between the skin like with my thighs. But I had minor Itching and not really any pain it just burned a little tonight. Same as above don’t want to tell mom, and I was hoping it wasn’t and I was just over thinking it. Doesn’t hurt when I go to the bathroom oh and I’m a virgin. Any advice would be helpful please, thanks so much!

  56. sha says:

    I have a yeast infection and started scratching the area. Now I am very swollen in my vagina area. Dr prescibe me some medicine it stop the itching and burning I was having. My problem is I’m so swollen that its causing problems with my hygienes cause I can’t wipe good cause my vagina swollen and hurts to touch the area. What can I do to reduce the swollen and to.get rid of the infection.

  57. Sophie says:

    Even if I have a doctor, it takes months before I can get an appointment (last time I phoned twice and waited 6 months before an appointment). This is the first time I have redness down there. It is itchy and I had a white discharge. Only once did it burn when I urinated. At first, I thought I could have simply irritated the skin and Vaseline seems to calm the itchiness. But research of my symptoms describes a yeast infection or a vulvovaginitis. I also read a girl that frequently had yeast infections just before her periods and would take vagisil to calm the itchiness and she said it would leave by itself. Can it actually disappear on its own? I plan to try and treat this on my own since it is so hard to see a doctor, so do you have any advice?

  58. Victoria says:

    I am so confused! about a week ago, I went to the bathroom and after I got back to my room it started burning down there and then itching and a little bit of “cottage cheese-like” discharge. but the symptoms didn’t last past that. I was all worried and trying to prepare myself to talk to my mom about it, but it was only that one time after I went pee and it stopped. can it last only a day and fix itself?

    • Hi Victoria,

      Yes, sometimes yeast infections can appear/disappear on its own—simply cleaning the area and keeping it dry can be enough to treat the infection. If it reoccurs, please reach out to your doctor to talk about many simple treatments you can use.

      Malcolm Thaler, M.D.
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  59. de says:

    hi i m experiencing severe itching in my vaginal opening and also near clitoris alongwith redness since last 4 days, last night i had a sexual intercourse with my husband and morning there was a white dischrge which was vey dry and in the form of a clot say similar to cottage cheese what can it be kindly advice i m worried about t

  60. Serena says:

    I am experiencing these symptoms, I have a body wash called ‘Summer’s Eve’ that is supposed to help with pH levels. Could my pH levels be an issue in this? Will this soap help or should I look into some form of medication or home remedy?

    • Hi Serena,

      We’re not familiar with this product. If you’re experiencing a yeast infection, we’d suggest getting in touch with your doctor to help you decide on whether medication or a home remedy is the best option for you.

  61. dawn says:

    hi, i just got a yeast infection and i bought the one day monasat. how long does it take to cure the infection? i cant afford to go to a dr. does eating yogurt help? or drinking cranberry juice??

  62. ronelle williams says:

    Hi my vagina is itching me real plenty and this thick yellowish whitish dischrge like milk an has a bad odor is coming out of my vagina. What can I use to treat it. And what kind of infection is it

  63. nettie says:

    hi. im having pain & redness on my vulva. not sure what it is but is this a possible yeast infection? i just finished taking amoxicllin for an ear infection so could this be why? & would over the couter medicine be helpful? please answer back. thank yu!

  64. Jackie says:

    Woke up yesterday with a full blown yeast infection. :( started the garlic clove, probiotic, and uri cleanses. (Which is pure cranberry, good for urianry tract) unfortunately I had to stop yesterday to make a trip the the ER. Ended up have a very large overian cysts rupture. Curious if the two could be connected. I usually end up with a yeast infection when I get a cyst. Which is pretty much every month. :( I find that when I put in the garlic I get almost instent relief, but symptoms trun around and reappear back to where they started. Over the counter treatments, like creams make me swell, and cause a burning sensation. Does that happen to anyone else?

  65. Ashley says:

    So I recently found out im pregnant and now I have developed a yeast infection. I dont see my doc until the seventh and ive never had a yeast infection before so I would like to try the apple cider vinegar. Would it be safe to use now? I feel like I have the worst itching ever. I know its a yeast infection because I took a really long hot bath and soon after all hell broke loose down there. It was like the song this girl is on fire! Not even kidding. And the itching…… omg I felt like one of those guys u see always playing with him self. So anyway is it okay if I try the apple cider vinegar even though im prego?

  66. jasmine says:

    I know I have a yeast infection… can I soak in white vinegar because I don’t have apple cider vinegar?

  67. jocelyn says:

    I have used cloves of garlic in the past and it works great. All you do is peel the garlic clove, wrap it is cheese cloth, leaving a little tail to allow you to pull it out later. After a few hours you can actually taste the garlic in your mouth. Weird, but it works great. I have also cut into the garlic to make the clove bleed out a little. Use just enough fabric to cover the clove and allow the medicine of it to get into your system. Also I have put whole acidopholis pills inside before. That works too. Coconut oil also kills yeast, you can put coconut oil inside with the garlic clove as well. Eating all of the above helps too. Raw garlic especially.

  68. L.B. says:

    My husband and I had unprotected sex the day before I “came down” with my first ever Y.I. I’m desperate to never get one of these again and many of the “prevention tips” I see suggest treating your partner as a preventative measure so he doesn’t pass it back to you later. This all started 3 days ago, and he has no symptoms of any sort and may not ever have symptoms. What are proactive “treatments” one can give to a male partner, just in case? Something homeopathic?

    • Good question L.B. There’s very little evidence supporting any form of preventative measures in men but here are some suggested best practices that may work for your husband:
      - Try eating yogurt with active cultures. This can sometimes help women with recurrent yeast infections and is believed it could also help men as well.
      - Practice good hygiene. Wash the penis carefully twice a day. If he’s not circumcised, he needs to make sure to wash under the foreskin.
      - If he develops any evidence of a yeast infection, sometimes treatment with a topical anti-fungal cream can resolve the issue. He should consult with his doctor first before trying any type of medication.

      Also a quick note that yeast infections are not considered sexually transmitted infections. They can be acquired by anyone, even without sexual activity.

      Malcolm Thaler, MD
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  69. DLB says:

    If you are a male on Antibiotic can you affect your partner by passing the Antibiotic through your system to your partner?

  70. jada92 says:

    Hi,dis is my first time exepriencing yeat infection an 22yrs old .am very worried I went to the doctor he prescribe. Canesten pill from the first nite I took the pill I didn’t get any itching the other I would like to kno how long would it last taking treatment bcuz am about to get my period :(

  71. shawna says:

    Hello, so right now I’m experiancing my third ever yeast infection, I don’t have its not like I can go to the doc, but I’ve tried treatments you buy over the counter, but they make me swell up and the last time I used one it made me bleed and bleed. I’m curious if any type of vinegar would work, bc I don’t have apple cider vinager, and I need some relief quick with what I’ve got.

  72. shantelle says:

    hello, my doctor prescribed sporanox for my yeast infection and she gave me two dosage and another i dont remeber the name of the the capsul i think it’s canoitral, i’m still experiencing severe itching it;s really annoying. what can i take to stop the itching and is three dosage any good to treat yeast?

  73. Kristen says:

    Hi. For about a week ive notice a redness and swelling of my vagina. Sometines it can be itchy and burning and theres also a yellowish-white discharge. What do you recommend?

    • Thanks for question Kristen. You may have a yeast infection but the best thing to do is to get this checked out by your primary physician. He/she will be able to look into this further to determine if you have a yeast infection and suggest ways to treat it.

  74. Corinne says:

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    it, you could be a great author. I will remember
    to bookmark your blog and will come back sometime soon.
    I want to encourage that you continue your great posts, have a nice weekend!

  75. cameron says:

    I am only 15.. i just had sex for the first time saturday night and now monday afternoon u started getting this itchy irritated burning feeling inside my vaginal aera and outside. it seems to be swollen down there and ot hurts when i wipe because its so sesitive. I dont know what to do because i cant go to the doctor. And its a constant itch and burn

    • Joann says:

      Please sweetheart tell your mother. You need to deal with this as well as the fact that you are sexually active. There are so many diseases out there and I would hate to see you end up with that is incurable. If you can’t talk with your mom then try an adult aunt girl cousin or friend. Just be sure the person is a responsible adult. Good luck and take care!!

  76. Alexis Lacoste says:

    I have had stitches in my vagina recently and the have me some medicine to put omit and I went for a check up a week ago and they said everything looks fine. But the past few days I been noticing a yellowish discharge and discomfort. But it wasn’t until a few hours ago it began burning and itching. I been tested for stds 3 weeks ago when I first got the stitches and I was clean. I also have a sweaty smell also. I can’t get in touch with my doctor tonight and was wondering should I try tying vagisal or the apple cider vinegar bath? I can’t stand the discomfort. I really need help!

  77. Gina says:

    can you use regular vinegar or only apple cider ??

  78. Nathalie says:

    Hi I went fir a check uo to the dr. And he gave me 7 day treatement because of bacteria . After I finished the treatment I ended up with a yeast infection. He prescried for me pills and lomexin .After 2 months (now ) I have itchy vagina . A yeast infection once again I called him he prescribed for me another ovule to insert in my vagina but I dont want to take mefications anymore what should I do ? Wait 30 days to go itself or try inserting a tampon with yogurt ?

  79. SS says:

    I guess I need to talk to my doc about this because I seem to get a yeast infection every period and every time I go on antibiotics…

  80. Tony Nguyen says:

    Hi! Thank you for you useful share. I agree that candida (yeast) is one of the most common skin issues on women out there that should be concerned about. I love the home remedies you released above because they are really simple to apply and sound effective. Again, thanks a lot for what you gave.

  81. amber says:

    Ive never had a yeast infection before but i think i have one now. I sat in the white vinegar and salt warm bath for 15 minutes. swelling went away so i think its working. Will i see my body getting rid of it when i go to the bathroom?

  82. Joann says:

    I suffer from recurrent yeast infections. However this past week after taking Flagyl I developed a white discharge and the area around my vagina (lips) are very swollen and sensitive to touch. I can’t wear pants at this time out of fear the pants will ride up and irritate me. I thought I was having an allergic reaction from the Flagyl (as there were other things going on also). So I went to the ER. They advised me to discontinue the Flagyl. They further advised I have a yeast infection. I would prefer to begin using home remedies because i feel my body no longer responds to the antibiotics (due to using them so frequently).

    I want to try the apple cider but I am scared. And what exactly do you do with the garlic (ingest it or place in the vagina)?

  83. Agnes says:

    I had the side effect of yeast infection a couple of days I had unprotected sex. I took the OTC medicin since Friday, it seem to be working. Ive cut all the sweet and everything. Now yesterday I ate something sweet and today it itching really bad. Am I pregnant and did I aggravate the YI by eating that sweet stuff?

    • Agnes—the aggravated yeast infection and sugar intake could be related. As we stated in the section above, sugar is the main food source for yeast so it’s best to monitor how much sugar your consuming.

  84. Lindsay says:

    My clitoris i swollen to twice the size as it usually is. Is that normal. Also can you get a yeast infection from masturbating too much.a response would be appreciated

    • Lindsay – We’d suggest having this checked out by your primary care provider. To answer your second question, chronic masturbation doesn’t cause yeast infections.

      Malcolm Thaler, MD
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  85. chanell says:

    Hi…i currently am experiences a yeast infection but i would like to know if its coming from antibiotics flagyl ( the pills). Another question I have is can a male have yeast and pass it to his partner and give them Vaginitis?

    • Chanell–Antibiotics are one of the most common sources of yeast infections as they may disrupt the your body’s natural bacteria balance. We’d suggest talking with your doctor about your yeast infection. They’ll be able to look into this further to see if your yeast infection is being caused by your antibiotics.

      To answer your other question–while yeast infections are more common in women–men can also contract yeast infections and pass them to other non-infected partners.

  86. Sarah says:

    Hi I am experiencing itching redness and burning in and around my vagina I went to the health center and they told me I had a uti and prescribed me some medication the itching had gone away outside my vagina but still remains inside along with the burning what should I do?

  87. Grace says:

    Can you have a yeast infection if you haven’t had your period yet??

  88. equstrian2013 says:

    mI suffer from chronic infections as well. I found the first couple of days of taking the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse a little rough, because it left a funny taste in my mouth, but it makes the infection go away. This product is the only thing that has consistently kept my yeast infections at bay, as long as I take a couple of capsules each week as a maintenance dose.

  89. Kayla says:

    It’s doesn’t burn or itch…’s just swollen and sore and tender. Is mine still a yeast infection? Never had one before…

  90. say says:

    I’ve been having all the symptoms of a yeast infection. Swollen itchy white discharge. Yesterday the symptoms weren’t so bad but I wanted to get treatment. I got the one day monistat. I did it last night but it started itching really bad so I took a shower. When I woke up this morning it was extremely swolen. I don’t know what to do. help please

  91. Jess says:

    I have found elimination method for my yeast infection, and after a week I have seen results and now I’m totally clean.

  92. Sher says:

    Hi ladies!! I too suffer from recurring yeast infections, usually once a months, sometimes i get lucky and skip a month. One thing I’ve noticed that helps with the itching, burning and redness is over the counter tucks wipes with witch hazel. It’s actually a humorous cream but it is formulated to reduce swelling, itching and burning, it does sting a little when you wipe with them, depending on how raw your vagina is, but the stinging stops pretty fast. I keep tucks wipes in both my bathrooms, my poor 9 year old seems to have yeast infections too, (yes she’s been seen by multiple doctors she just takes after me.) and she knows to use them, you want to make sure your clean before using the wipes, but they are pretty magical at my house! Hope this helps!!!!

  93. Katie says:

    Okay, so I’m a bit embarrassed by this but i’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but i’m assuming I may have a yeast infection or something like it…

    Last week, my boyfriend and I had intercourse and it started to burn when he started penetrating me, It never usually hurts when we have sex. But the burning got to the point where I couldn’t take it and we had to stop. The irritation on my vagina was there for a few days, then I got my period and I was staying at my boyfriends house for 3 days (Personal issues) and I wasn’t prepared. I only had 1 outfit. one shirt, one pair of jeans, and one pair of panties (Yes gross I know), and When I use pads for my period, I normally press them up tight against my vagina to prevent blood from dripping anywhere, and I did that with pads for 3 days… But I also went commando (TMI, i know) to reduce the irritation.

    The irritation is around the skin above the clitoris and around the upper labia majora. It’s red and sensitive and my entire vagina was dry for about a day due to the moisture being sucked out from the pads…

    Now the area around my vagina, the Vulva i think, is swollen and itches and burns when I itch it.

    My boyfriend and I ALWAYS use condoms, so I think the culprit is me being stupid and wearing the same panties for like 4 days. >.<

  94. Kirstie says:

    I have just taken the pessery for my thrush and I would really like to know if I can still do the yoghurt suggestion and insert a tampon into the vagina overnight with yoghurt on it?? Thank you!

  95. Ashley says:

    What are the obvious signs of a yeast infections?

  96. rayanna says:

    Well I think I have a yeast infection and I would like to get rid of it fast. Is there any pills will get rid of it quickly? Thanks for reading

  97. Lucy says:

    well I have a yeast infection , I think that’s what it is. iv had it since april and I been wanting to see a doctor or something but im to shy and scare . im only 17 I don’t k now what to do. or what this thing is. DESCRIPTION ( its yellowish, has a really bad odor, and it itches) what can I do ? im tired of it. iv been wanting to talk to my mom about it , but I just cant talk to her about this. im scare . please help me L:(

  98. sophia says:

    A day after I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, my vagina began to swell. My labia, inside and outside, is swollen and itchy. At first I started to use ice packs to reduce the swelling. It numbed the pain for a while then it came back. I decided to use a mirror to look inside my vagina and it was filled with white stuff and it had an odor. It hurts to sit down. It is very discomforting.

  99. madison says:

    I went to the doctor Thursday just for a check up and I have a yeast infection. She gave me the one dose pill and I took it Thursday when I ate. How long will it take for it to go away because its very embarrassing.

  100. Cait says:

    I got a sinus infection and took the antibiotics the dr. prescribed me. I stopped taking the antibiotic when I noticed I had white, thicker discharge.( I only had taken the anyibiotics for two days.) I had itchiness and the discharge a few days after I stopped taking the meds, but the symptoms decreased. It’s been exactly a week sense the symptoms started. I now only have mild itching but no chunky discharge. I haven’t done anything to help what I thought was a yeast infection go away. Is it normal for yeast infections to I away by themselves? or could this be something more serious? Or am I just paranoid? Lol

  101. Vae says:

    Hi. I would like to know if the birth control shot, Depo Provera, can cause yeast infections or any other vaginitis due to the hormonal imbalancesI am only 16 but I’m prone to vaginal issues and the only time I got tested for an infection, it came back negative but my symptoms remained. I have no idea what trulyis the reasons for my vaginalissues. But I believe I have a yeast infection now.

    • Vae — The Depo Provera shot can’t directly cause a yeast infection. However in some women, the shot will alter the local environment in the vagina and perhaps make it more susceptible to colonization by yeast. This would be uncommon, but not unheard of. If you’d like us to look into this further, please give us a call and schedule an appointment. If you’re not a One Medical member, signing up is easy on!

      Malcolm Thaler, MD
      Clinical Editor
      One Medical Group

  102. jean says:

    Hi. I’ve encounter my first yeast infection. Quick question. When using Yogurt. Do you leave it on after Appling or rinse off? If you leave it on for how long? Thank you.

  103. Brooke says:

    I’m 22 and I’ve never had a yeast infection before but I think since I’ve been taking the birth control mononessa it’s causing the itching but I’m not sure. Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex all the time and sometimes it hurts when we have sex and other times it doesn’t. And some days it’s itchy internally and sometimes it’s bearable so idk what to do. I do drink a lot of alcohol and don’t eat healthy.

  104. Joanna says:

    I’m 27 n got a yeast infection in May 2013 which was treated successfully maybe coz it was my first. Then in September I got fever so I was prescribed augmentin antibiotics. I got another yeast infection after 3 to 4 days while taking the antibiotics n it hasn’t gone since then. I have gone to different doctors who prescribed sporanax, vaginal douches, suppositories, probiotics and other medications but each time it goes away but the symptom (discharge only) returns 2 to 3 days after finishing the medication. It has been more than 6 months n I have been feeling depressed n I can’t focus on my work. Plus it hurts when I have sex which i rarely do (once in 2 to 3 months) I also have back pain n it feels like I have my period even when I dont. Please help what should I do.

  105. harathi says:

    hi …. every month i am noticing yeast infection.i am worrying about that ….Is it any serious problem?All type of medications, i tried but no use…. i had use one month for 7days ,it was cure …… Next month, we did intercourse,again i noticed white discharge (cottage cheese).Every month ,it continued …….. My parter also checked,is it there or not?…..He hadn’t get sex ……….

    Tell me any solution for that ………..

  106. Vakeela says:

    So I heard peroxide and baking soda helps for yeast so how do I apply it?

  107. Renee says:

    Hi! I just got back from the gyno, and I told him I was having yeast infection symptoms and I had just gotten my period. He didn’t give me any medication or antibiotics, just anti-itch cream.
    I do not want to wait this out and it not go away.
    He told me my period will get rid of my yeast infection, but I have heard differently. What do I do if it doesn’t go away? Thank you!

  108. Aleisha says:

    Hi!! I have never had a yeast infection before but in the past few days i have been a bit itchy down there.. But I am not sure if it is a yeast infection or not because I am only itchy every now and again. I also don’t haven any other symptoms????

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  112. Taylor says:

    Unfortunately I have struggled with chronic yeast infections, the first few times I tried taking over the counter treatments, turns out I am HIGHLY allergic to any and all creams and Insertation treatments. After two trips to the ER I found out I was allergic… So to help prevent and to treat them I take garlic vitamins daily, along with cranberry vitamins. Benadryl will also help stop itching. An important factor to remember, if you have unprotected sex with your parter, yeast is dormant on them. Which means, after you are itch free and clean, he will give it right back to you! So males need to be treated as well. They on the lucky hand, have no symptoms or signs. That is the most common way to keep getting a yeast infection. They also make AZO now for yeast infections, I have not tried because I’m scared I will have a reaction but from what I heard, it does help.

  113. shruthi says:

    I have yeast infection & after reading from net, I adopted home remedies.

    I started to clean with yogurt & vinegar also. (intake yogurt + garlic )

    no doubt, I had immediate result ( stopped nasty smell & reduced discharge)

    when I clean with vinegar with cotton, I see slight blood on that. is it normal sign? secondly their was lump like & it is reduced.( is it yeast or any other) please help me.

  114. Paulene Donati says:

    re: Nero Hansen

  115. Ash says:

    Hello, I have found your information very helpful and and so happy I found this site. I’ve had multiple yeast infections since I’ve had my new form of birth control, Nexplanon, and I’ve never had any before getting the implant. Is it normal for me to have the yeast infections because my hormones are off balance with the birth control, or should I look at other reasons why they are reaccuring?

    Thank you, Ash

  116. Emonie says:

    Hi, this is my first time experiencing somthing like this. For 3 days now ive been experiencing white discharge inside of my vagina but its not alot. Its real itchy at times and when i scratch it just makes it worse and my vagina starts to swell up. Im going to Talk to My mom about it today.

  117. Myressa says:

    Hi, I’ve had this yeast infection for about 4-5 days now. I’ve took the miconazole, the 3 day treatment, and it’s not really helping. I tried soaking in the apple cider vinegar and I was just curious if it was supposed to have a stinging feeling to it while soaking? I was thinking that me itchin it might have caused a few little cuts and that that was why it’s stinging. The itching has been unbearable!! Any ideas?

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  121. Lisa says:

    Hi!!! I have yeast infection for the first time in my life,I went to c my doctor she prescribed me 2 pils plus cream,and she told me is supposed to go away in 3to5 days.but I’m still have a lot discharge looks like cottage cheese.what should I do.thanks in advance

  122. Darlyn says:

    I recently took antioniotics due to an insect bite.. Shortly after I developed a yeast infection. The itching is very irritating and it’s around my inner labia… Any home remedy suggestions to help me get rid of it fast?! I’m 17

  123. Sandra says:

    Hi, the information that you gave was helpful.
    Though I do have a question of my own.
    I am only 13 years old and about 4 weeks ago when I was peeing my abdomen hurt so bad when I close to finishing, I was confused at first. When proceeded to flush the toilet their was a small line of blood in their (I wasn’t on my period)
    Afterwards the burning sensation came over me and it was horrible, I tried to sleep it off but it didn’t solve anything
    2 days later I thought some over-the-counter-medicine would work so I went and got some tylenol and amoxiciline it actually worked until I somehow manage to misplace the amoxiciline. Now I use the tylenol but barely does anything for the burning and abdominal pain when I pee. I dont want to tell my parents because I read somewhere that a yeast infection comes from having sexual intercourse and dont want them jumping into conclusions, I have NEVER had Sex.EVER

    This whole situation is embarrassing.
    My vagina is burning as I type this, I just want the pain to go away.
    Please tell me their is another I could have contracted this disease.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know im ranting, but im just very scared, and anxious.

  124. Anslie says:

    I used the generic brand of Monistat. I know I had a yeast infection. It was a 7 day treatment and I am on day 6. I am still itchy and I am suppose to start my period soon. I don’t have the money to go to the doctor. The itching is like off an on again, I just don’t know what to do.

  125. Loren says:

    First thing I’d do is to see your GYN. Make sure that there isn’t a serious issue there first. If everything checks out, I’d look into some natural ways of dealing with this problem.

    For me I started looking into fruits and vegetables that help. Grapefruit and pineapples help a lot. There are also vitamins that help but none really showed any type of change for me.

    Then after spending a few hours on the net I came across this natural supplement for women’s needs and care on amazon called balance complex for women.

    I’ve been let down before by supplements promising the world. This type of issue is especially embarrassing and I’m just thrilled this has been working so far.

    Would tell any lady to not hesitate and give this a try, will change your life.

  126. Emily says:

    I’m experiencing discharge&itching but have just started taking Flucloxacillin for a toe infection and have never experienced these symptoms before so was curious if its the tablets that have caused it, if so should i stop taking them?
    and are there any other home remedies as the entire situation for me is very embarrassing and don’t particularly want to go to a doctor about it.

  127. Lillian says:

    I was told by the doctor that i had a yeast infection, so i was given cream to use for a week (Ive had the infection almost 14 days) and now all that persists is the constant felling like I have to pee and a small amount of burning. Could this a be a bladder infection that has developed?


  128. Sunflower says:

    my yeast infection has been going for about 4 month i have been to two doctors they just don’t know what going on everything been tested i have taking pills and cream nothing worked. HELP!!! monday iam going to try one more doctor i pray nothing is wrong.

  129. Bre says:

    How shallow should the vinegar bath be?

  130. Unknown says:

    Okay. I’m 18, a virgin and am pretty sure I have a yeast infection. I have very sensitive skin where during the winter if I get too cold I itch and get red. Anyway, I looked at my vagina and noticed how red it was, swollen, and purple looking my vagina hole was, however no discharge. Next day, I do. It was “thick cottage cheese-like”. And had a odor. I’ve been doing research the past few days, and heard of the plain yogurt, cranberry, garlic cloves, etc. I chose the yogurt. Now, I applied the yogurt to the area, and am confused as to how long to keep it on, as well as wash off with soap when I clean it off, what I clean the yogurt off with.. All that. I need help. I dont know what the hell I’m doing.

  131. Unknown says:

    I Think I Have a Yeast infection because there’s white discharge and it itches . I told my mom and she got me this anti-itch cream called vagisil . I used it for about a week and then I got my period which was delayed for a while. I still had the infection but it didn’t itch, it just had white discharge. After my period was over, it was back and it’s been 2 weeks. I still have it, and I want to know how long will it take to go away if I just use vagisil?

  132. Daniella says:

    So my hubby and I were trying something new…we decided to give each other for oral with pop rocks (the candy)
    The next day I felt itchy and uncomfortable down there. We tried intercourse but it was not comfortable for me…its itchy and feels dry. Will anything bad happen if I let it go away on its own?

  133. Christine says:

    I have burning on the side of my vagina lips and some itching but not a lot if discharge I tried femmisil it don’t work what else can u try?? This is my first problem with my vaginal lips not the vagina it’s fine.

  134. jes says:

    if you decide to not treat your yeast infection how long will it take before it naturally goes away?

  135. Sarah says:

    I have yeast infections all about every 6 months mostly becaues of a antibiotics . But the Thursday I went to the doctor over a kidney infection and staph infection on my face & she gave a antibiotics to take twice daily. We’ll the next night me and my fiancé had sex & not even 20 mins later my vagina got swollen & later itched & I knew what it was. It’s pretty much gone now I have treated it with yogurt and cream. But it was weird becaues I’ve never had a yeast infection be trigger that bad by sex. Is that normal?

  136. Maine says:

    I’m 17 years old & sexually active.
    I’ve never had an infection but Last week like Tuesday my bf told me had red spots & itching on the tip of his penis & like a day or 2 when I went to bathroom this yellow fluid came out but it doesn’t smell bad, but it itched & the lips were swollen.

    & every time I go to the bathroom there is a big amount of the fluid.
    & my boyfriend is ok now, it went away but not mines

    But the thing is that right there in the open of the vagina it’s swollen !

    Since I couldn’t tell my mom the truth i told her I had a urine infection so she went & got Clotrimazole over the counter & some pills & the little tube that the cream brought which I was suppose to use to insert the cream inside the vagina she didn’t give it to me !

    Please help me & tell me what do I have ?
    & what do I do ?

  137. Samantha says:

    Hi, I revieved prescriptions for my treatment of yeast infection involving the 3 day suppository cream and some pills. It feels like the infection went away but I didn’t finish my bottle of pills, should I ? And I’m beginning to smell a weird odor, what should I do?

    • Hi Samantha,
      Glad to heard that you are starting to feel better! Unfortunately we can’t provide medical advice online, but I recommend reaching out to your primary care provider in more detail about your question.

  138. Natalie says:

    I have never had a yeast infection before until a few days ago. I had a UTI and I think the ciproflaxin caused the yeast infection. I am using Lotrimin once a day, cleaning my lady parts about 2x a day and putting some anti-itch cream on as well. I was wondering if it is safe to use the Lotrimin??

    Symptoms are already getting better! Great article by the way.

    • Hi Natalie,
      Glad to hear that you found this article helpful! Unfortunately we can’t provide medical advice online, but we recommend reaching out to your provider in more detail about your specific question about Lotrimin.
      Hope you feel better soon!

  139. kari says:

    The bath both apple cider vinegar, you have to sit over the steam or you have to actually soak in the water with vinegar? ?? I’m confused. Thanks

  140. says:

    I do like the way you have presented this difficulty and it does indeed supply me personally some fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, coming from what precisely I have observed, I really trust as the commentary stack on that people today stay on point and not get started on a tirade involving the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this outstanding point and even though I can not necessarily go along with it in totality, I respect your perspective.

  141. Mary says:

    I was treated 5 months ago for a UTI. That resolved but then I was treated a few months ago for an ear infection with an antibiotic and prednisone. This started from a bad cold and to complicate matters I had to fly just before the cold started, which made the ear worse. I had 2 rounds of antibiotic, and 2 of prednisone and also took a probiotic. Then I started having symptoms of a vaginal infection (except no discharge) just itching and some UTI symptoms again. I did not want to take any ANTIBIOTIC again! So I went to the health food store and got a very good probiotic and started looking online. I am age 67 active, and in good health —-outside of this! I really want to stay out of the Drs office if possible. Tried one round of 3 day Monostat, but also just returned from a 1500 mile driving trip. I should also mention I have recently began experiencing a dropped bladder. Would that make my symptoms worse as far as sensitivity??

  142. Alice says:

    Hi, I really need your help
    I’m 14 and all morning I have had a strong urge to urinate. I have had to use the bathroom about 4 times in the last 3-4 hours. I googled some symptoms and it told me I might have a yeast infection.
    It doesn’t itch but it feels slightly burning and I have thick discharge.
    Is this a yeast infection? Should I just be trying a few home remedies?

  143. lynn says:

    im 39 years old and when im doing sex with my husband he said to much coming white fluid and a little bit smell but i dont know if that smell is nattural…it is we called yeast? asking and to know if have yeast infection!

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