Do You Know Where Sugar is Hiding in Your Diet?

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Whether you heard it from your doctor or you read about it online, you probably know that sugar is receiving an increasingly bad rep since it’s been linked to everything from obesity to heart disease.

Just last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially recommended a daily cap on sugar intake for the first time in history, advising Americans to limit their consumption to 10 percent of daily calories or less. That means no more than 12.5 teaspoons or 50 grams per day–about the same amount of sugar found in just one can of Coke.

But sugar doesn’t just show up in obvious places like sodas and candy. It can pop up where you least expect it, and sometimes the most unsuspected sources pack a sugary punch.

Take the quiz below and find out if you’re a sugar-busting pro or a sweet novice in need of some more nutrition info. 

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