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8 Ways to Stay Sane on the New York City Subway

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, over 1.6 billion people took the New York City subway in 2011, making it one of the top 10 busiest subway systems in the world. While the public transportation system is one of the greatest perks of living… read more >

How to Stay Healthy in Your Car

Like many Angelinos, you probably spend hours every week in your car. And like many Angelinos, you’re probably unaware of the health issues sitting in a cramped car could be causing. One Medical provider Shilpi Agarwal, MD, is no stranger to soldiering through¬†the infamous¬†Los… read more >

Migraine Relief Without Drugs

In part one of this series, we explored what migraines are and some treatments for acute migraines. Migraine drugs each come with their own set of potential side effects—some of these are minor, but some can be quite serious. For many patients, prescription drugs… read more >

The 411 on Migraines: What Is a Migraine?

It begins as a throbbing pain on one side of your head. Light and sounds become unbearable, then your vision starts to blur. Most people suffer from some kind of headache at least occasionally, but migraines can be a crippling ailment that are often… read more >

Put Your Flu Knowledge to the Test

Fact or fiction? The flu shot gives you the flu. Think you know the answer? You might be surprised! Watch what happens when One Medical Group’s Shilpi Agarwal, MD, quizzes LA pedestrians. Just how flu-savvy is the general public?  

Your Biggest Naturopathy Questions, Answered

As one of the naturopathic doctors (ND) at One Medical Group, I field all sorts of questions about my practice—but some pop up more frequently than others. Here are the top five questions patients have about naturopathy. 1. Do naturopaths write prescriptions? Yes. NDs… read more >

Ask a Naturopath: Dealing with Hair Loss

Can a naturopath help with hair loss? Absolutely! The naturopathic approach to hair loss begins with an investigation of what’s causing the issue. We often see hair loss secondary to stress, nutrient deficiencies and/or gastrointestinal issues. Naturopathic medicine has a great deal to offer… read more >