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How to Stay Healthy During Allergy Season

If you find yourself suffering from sneezing, itchy eyes, and pressure headaches every spring, welcome to the seasonal allergy club. Here are some common questions we get about pollen allergies–and how to survive them without losing your mind. How do I know if I… read more >

Chicago Summer Festivals: Healthy Survival Guide

Pack your sunscreen and dancing shoes–it’s officially festival season in Chicago! Whether you plan to check out TiĆ«sto’s headlining set at Spring Awakening, or Cecile McLorin Salvant’s closing performance at the Chicago Jazz Festival, you’ll want to stay in tip-top shape all summer long…. read more >

How to Deal with Stress in 10 Minutes or Less

Are you reading this while squinting? Jaw clenched? Shoulders up by your ears? Yep, you’re stressed all right. With today’s technology enabling us to be “on” all the time, stress runs rampant–and chronic stress can have a very negative effect on your physical health…. read more >

5 Common Ailments Related to Stress

When people say, “I’m stressed out,” they’re usually describing a mental feeling of pressure or agitation. But while stress may begin in the brain, the process very much involves the body. Our bodies aren’t meant to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight. Over… read more >

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

What if there was a treatment that could help you manage pain, let go of fears and regrets, stop self-destructive habits, and allow you to gain control of your physical and mental health? What if it didn’t have any side effects, except for improved… read more >

5 Ways to Treat Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about balance–energy balance, in particular. And whether you visit a Western or an Eastern practitioner for fatigue, you’re likely to get the same advice: Incorporate more balance into your life. TCM will provide you with various tools for… read more >

What’s in Your Gym Bag?

Whether you’re hitting the treadmill, the boxing ring, or the yoga mat, it’s important to have the right gear. We asked some of our favorite fitness experts and One Medical providers and team members to share their must-have workout items. Check out their top… read more >